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Maritime Risk

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States and its trading partners. Recent testimony of DHS Secretary Janet

Napolitano confirmed problems in technology development, and scanning inefficiencies related to trade.

In testimony before the Senate

Commerce, Science and Transportation

Committee, Napolitano said in part, “DHS has learned a great deal from these pilots, but it has also encountered a number of steep challenges. Some of these issues relate to the limits on cur- rent technology. Technology doesn't exist right now to effectively and auto- matically detect suspicious anomalies and cargo. This makes scanning diffi- cult and time-consuming. …Therefore,

DHS is compelled to seek the time extensions authorized by law with respect to the scanning provision.”


Another U.S. goal was for DHS's

Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) to develop a container security device. To date, DHS has failed to develop a commercialized CSD, and it has cost the United States 9.7 million dollars trying. No U.S.-developed mod- ern containers were commercialized either.


To exacerbate its loss of leadership, the United States has not cooperated with or participated in other nations' container security management or development programs. The European

Union now appears to be taking the lead in securing the global supply chain.

The Seventh Framework Program (FP7) for Research and Technological

Development is the EU's main instru- ment for funding research in Europe.

Within this broad program is Smart-

CM or Smart Container Chain

Management which is focused on development of a smart container sys- tem to improve supply chain efficiency and security. It coordinates stakeholder

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