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Maritime Risk

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Defining risk in the global workplace is no easy task. That said, those tasked with helping maritime stakeholders control and ultimately mitigate that risk could well be the most diffi- cult job on the waterfront. In this premier edition of Maritime

Professional, four of the world’s leading classification soci- eties weigh in on various aspects of maritime risk and what to do about it.Culled from an initial list of 13 questions, their answers provide an excellent spread of knowledge and opin- ions from an impressive list of classification society execu- tives. The full array of their dialogue can be found online at our WEB site (

What special considerations and challenges make operating in

China a unique proposition for Classification Societies? And, what is the long term upside for your organization in doing so?

TØRSTAD (DNV) DNV has been present in China since 1888, and has a long term relationship with industry, universities and governmental institutions. Currently, DNV has about 900 employees in China, and Chinese are the second largest nationality of DNV employees, thus contributing to building all parts of our business inside China, yet maintain our inter- national perspective. China is globally important and we emphasize the need for understanding Chinese business and culture throughout our organization.

DNV sees very good long term prospects in China. We will continue to invest in building relations and competence and providing value to our Chinese customers and the Chinese society. DNV’s core competence is risk management and, while many of our services, such as management system cer- tification and corporate responsibility, can be applied suc- cessfully in any industry, we focus on some of the main growth industries in China, such as maritime, oil, gas and energy and food and beverage.

WIERNICKI (ABS) ABS has a long history that spans more than six decades in China. More recently, we formalized this rela- tionship and signed our first cooperative agreement with the

China Classification Society (CCS) in 1993, which has just recently been renewed and expanded to include further col- laboration on classification, certification and research and

Class weighs in on




Christopher J. Wiernicki of ABS, Elisabeth Tørstad of DNV, Capt. Kevin Coyne of GL & Richard Sadler of LR shared tips & techniques to help maritime companies manage risk with MarPro’s Joe Keefe.

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