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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of Q1 2011 Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine Maritime Professional 43 close by the main ports – immediately pared the usual logistics and infrastruc- ture costs common to new entries in any market. Beyond this, HATLAPA prod- ucts now in the local market are offered in partnership to an established,

Brazilian brand. Taking a different route to entry is Superior Energy Services, a

Louisiana-based firm providing rental tools, integrated well intervention serv- ices and custom solutions for its clients.

This U.S. firm chose to enter the

Brazilian oil and gas market by opening a Brazilian subsidiary – Superior

Energy Services do Brasil – now with its head office in Macaé, located 300 km from Rio Dejaniero and strategical- ly adjacent to the Campos Basin.

Superior operates its own fleet of ves- sels and a wide range of subsidiaries including Hallin Marine Subsea

International, Wild Well Control, Stabil

Drill and Workstrings, among others.

All are represented by the Superior name in Brazil. For Superior, the large array of subsidiaries impacted the deci- sion to open its own company instead of looking for a partnership with a

Brazilian firm. In this case, the size of the company and its intended long term commitment were determining factors in choosing which path to take on enter- ing the Brazilian market.


Today’s Brazil, flush with recent oil & gas discoveries and the largest medium- term oil exploration and development budget in the world, beckons to foreign investment like no other regional player.

These opportunities, combined with the recent growth of the local shipbuilding sector, form the basis of a potentially lucrative, local and symbiotic relation- ship for the energy and maritime sec- tors.

Moreover, the promise of a solid democracy that allows for a fair and transparent business climate makes

Brazil an ideal partner for foreign com- panies seeking long-term business rela- tionships.

As Brazil beckons, it is arguably an excellent time to come.


Last generation drillers for the pre-salt still need to be imported.

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