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Maritime Risk

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Berry Appleman & Leiden

Founded in 1980, Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP is a global corporate immigration law firm providing repre- sentation to employers and their personnel in all regions of the United States and the world. BAL man- ages the immigration needs of companies in the mar- itime industry. We assist fleet operation managers with work and entry authorization for their foreign national personnel. Our global migration program mit- igates compliance risks that may be encountered by crew members and offshore engineers when working in a foreign country. We provide comprehensive global immigration services from offices in Atlanta, Dallas,

Houston, McLean, Va., New York, San Francisco,

Washington, D.C., Sydney and London. Our network partners expand our reach to over 100 countries. BAL represents a wide range of companies, from some of the world’s largest corporations to small start-ups in emerging growth industries.”

Telephone: (214) 442-7388

Delta Wave

Delta Wave Communications, Inc. has teamed up with

Global Rescue to combine their service with Delta

Wave’s line of satellite based global personal tracking and emergency alert products. Global Rescue is an emergency services company that provides best-in- class medical, aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue and security services to individuals, corpora- tions, travelers and expeditions worldwide. Global

Rescue transports patients from the site of illness or injury to the nearest hospital or to a waiting aircraft.

The company’s emergency response teams are com- prised of paramedics, physicians and security person- nel, many of whom are veterans of elite special opera- tions units of the U.S. Military. Through an exclusive relationship with the physicians of Johns Hopkins,

Global Rescue members also benefit from the adviso- ry services of some of the world’s finest physicians. In addition to this new product line, the services are also compatible with Delta Wave’s line of personal asset trackers, such as the “Shout Nano” and Solara devices which offer two-way messaging and emergency alert features. When used in conjunction with Global Rescue services, customers are ensured that emergency alerts will be facilitated on an immediate basis, regard- less of one’s location. Customers using these tracking devices in conjunction with Delta Wave’s dTractm web based mapping solution have the added benefit of pin- pointing the location of the origin emergency alerts.

Telephone: 800-706-2515

Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Systems Corp. is the leading manufac- turer of overhead, rigid trolley rail, fall protection sys- tems in America. Their systems can be adapted to most any dock configuration, pier mounted, shore based, attached to a floating barge or existing tower structure. Their high strength, professionally engi- neered, and affordable designs are stout and robust, durable and reliable. They understand the challenges of a marine environment including river fluctuations, weather variations, and accessibility. Their experi- enced, on-water, work crews employ efficient erection processes, saving you time and money while also pro- viding a total turnkey experience. They’ve worked with several customers to develop cost-effective solutions that keep their workers safe by utilizing fall protection.

Let them help you keep your workers safe, reduce per- sonal injury claims, and improve overall productivity.

See a video of the equipment at: http://fallprotection-

Telephone: (888) 596-5367


Volatile fuel prices can wreak havoc with operating margins in the best of times, so relying on fuel usage numbers based on manual tank gauging in today’s market is risky. Conversely, the automatic measure- ment of fuel burn at engines and generators eliminates the risk of manual error and provides a real-world fuel profile for a vessel as it operates. This profile becomes the baseline from which to measure the suc- cess of applying technologies such as fuel additives or hull coatings before rolling them out to the fleet.

Having an accurate fuel usage baseline supports bet- ter management decision making and highlights areas for possible improvement. Automatic gauging of tanks and fuel transfers supports total fuel accountability on a vessel and across the fleet. The lifting of heavy fuel oil in particular is prone to manual calculation errors and if the delivery methods or supplier is suspect, the risk of being shorted is greater. Automatic and accu- rate measurement of fuel taken aboard or transferred reduces error and helps identify shortages, whether intentional or accidental. Adding Coriolis mass flow meter technology improves accuracy and reduces the chance of being shorted even further, since a Coriolis meter measures mass and density simultaneously and doesn’t rely on inaccurate volume readings that can be manipulated. “You can’t manage what you don’t meas- ure”™.

Telephone: (281) 209-3480

Headhunter Inc.

Headhunter has received America’s first product approval for new Pollution Prevention Equipment. The

United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Center has recognized Headhunter Inc. with eight new Certificates of Approval for Sewage Treatment Plants.

Headhunter’s range of Tidal Wave HMX sewage treat- ment plants are approved according to the more strin- gent performance standard created by the United

Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC).

This committee adopted Resolution MEPC 159(55) on

October 13, 2006 with implementation on January 1,



Addressing, mitigating and eliminating risk are arguably the cornerstone of any successful maritime operation.

Risk is everywhere – on the docks, on board the ships, waiting on board a boat full of pirates, in the boardroom, the shipyard and 1,001 other places. In this edition, we catalogue and list a number of products and services intended to make the regulatory, operational and security part of your maritime equation just a little bit safer.

RISK Management & Mitigation Products and Services

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