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Maritime Risk

Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of Q1 2011 Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine Maritime Professional 61 2010. In response, the United States Coast Guard issued Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular

Number (NVIC) 1-09 in June 2009. Headquartered in

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Headhunter – the only manu- facturer in the world to have this type of product approval – is a business specializing in manufacturing plumbing and sanitation products for the luxury yacht, marine and offshore industry.

Telephone: (954) 581-6996

Massachusetts Maritime

The mission of the Master of Science in Emergency

Management program at the Massachusetts Maritime

Academy is to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to implement both proactive and reactive strategies to reduce the cost of a disas- ter in life and property and thus to be successful emer- gency managers and leaders in both the public and pri- vate sectors. This program provides graduates with the knowledge and tools to be successful emergency managers in both the public and private sectors of industry. The program's graduates will gain the prob- lem-solving capabilities to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate disasters and emergen- cies. The program provides a multi-disciplinary approach requiring a core set of courses needed to address issues common to virtually all hazards, plus courses addressing special topics including public health and transportation security. The degree is offered in an 18 month executive format. The 34-cred- it, 11-course program is presented one course at a time and each course runs for a six-week period.

Classes are held every other weekend beginning

Friday evening and ending Saturday afternoon.

Modeled after the Academy's successful Master of

Science in Facilities Management degree, the MSEM classes are based at the Conference Center at

Waltham Woods in Waltham, Massachusetts. Students will be housed at the DoubleTree Suites in Waltham,


E-mail: dc@

Miller Electric

Miller has Launched the XMT® WCC System. Miller’s

XMT WCC System matches an XMT 350 or XMT 456 multiprocess welding inverter with a voltage-sensing

SuitCase®X-TREME™ wire feeder and WCC Control.

This MIG/Flux Cored welding system allows welders to control voltage settings at the point of use, which elim- inates walking back to the power source or the use of a separate control cable to change voltage, improving productivity and safety. The XMT WCC System elimi- nates time waste and loss of productivity. A long con- trol cable, which is prone to damage, clutters the work site. Miller’s XMT multiprocess welding power sources are used extensively in shipbuilding applications, pro- viding 10 to 38 volts and 425 amps (XMT 350) and 600 amps (XMT 456) of welding output.

Telephone: (800) 4-A-Miller

Powers Secured Containers

It's now possible to send a container through the glob- al supply chain as one would send U. S. Postal

Service’s Certified and Registered Letter. Powers

International developed a “chain of custody” system essentially equating container shipments to Certified and Registered letters. This Power Secured® system has now been patented in 33 nations, virtually all the industrialized nations of the world and covers shipping containers, railcars, trailers and other enclosures used to store and transport products. Its primary benefits serve to: • Electronically identify the authorized personnel verifying the cargo and its quantify at stuffing and securing the container; • Carry and report logistics data, including container/trailer number, booking data, etc; • Detect and report a breach in any part of the container in real-time or close to real-time; • Track the container through the supply chain; • Identify authorized personnel unsealing container; and • Accommodate disparate logistics programs in communicating critical data.

As a component of container security device hard- ware, it further serves to enhance and add to the indi- vidual hardware's monitoring of and reporting on the container's location and enviroment, detecting access to the container, light, temperature, vibrations, and the detection of the presense of radiation. Powers

Secured® is the ultimate security process for the glob- al supply chain managing the container's movement from origin to destination and obtaining the electronic equivalent of a signature of an authorized agent who certifies the cargo at stuffing through delivery and unloading at destination and is available under licence agreement.

Telephone: 864 271 9123

RayMarine / FLIR

The T450 Thermal Night Vision Camera is a powerful tool for navigation safety both day and night. The cam- era’s thermal or low-light images can be displayed in either full screen, or in a window alongside other navi- gation data like electronic charting and radar.

Navigation aids or hazards identified on the chart dis- play can be visually sighted and confirmed even in total darkness. The integrated pan-tilt-zoom control allows you to direct the camera towards radar and AIS tar- gets, improving overall situational awareness. The

T450 camera integrates seamlessly with E-Series

Widescreen Multifunction Navigation displays and G-

Series Command Center navigation system. Using

SeaTalkhs networking, the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom controls can be actuated by touch screen (E-Series

Widescreen) or using the MFD’s keypad and rotary con- trols (E-Series Widescreen or G-Series.) A convenient

Thermal Imaging application is available right from the

MFD’s home screen. The application can be displayed full-screen, or alongside other navigation data. The

Raymarine T450 Thermal Night Vision Camera System features a high resolution 640 x 480 pixel thermal imager. This gives the T450 enhanced thermal detail, and a superior detection range to other thermal cam- eras. The T450 uses the new FLIR Tau imaging core for best-in-class sensitivity and clarity. The T450 offers excellent long range performance with 2x and 4x electronic zoom on the thermal imager. It also sup- ports white-hot, black-hot, red-hot, and color imaging too. Selectable color options let you optimize the image for best viewing under any lighting condition.

Housed in a compact and rugged, marine-grade enclo- sure with 360°pan and 90° tilt capability, it is designed for seamless integration with Raymarine multifunction displays.

Telephone: (603) 881-5200

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