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Maritime Risk

Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of Q1 2011 Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine Maritime Professional 63 most comprehensive visibility and security product available today, GeoLokTM is a scalable, reusable, robust, and armored smart lock that selectively grants access based on time, location, and an access code.

So, only the right person at the right place at the right time is admitted with an audit trail. The GeoLokTM affixes to and secures both retaining bars while report- ing location, condition and security of the container from anywhere in the world through the TrakLogTM portal. The GeoLokTM is easily installed in 60 seconds and can be configured to allow different access options for an endless variety of clients. The

GeoLokTM transmits its position, sensor information and shipment updates automatically via satellite, cellu- lar, text and web, enabling better asset utilization deci- sions. Because of its open architecture, TrakLogTM can be integrated with other logistics software sys- tems to provide seamless in-transit security and visi- bility. Neither efficiency and security in the intermodal supply chain can be sacrificed. The TrakLok solution addresses both critical problems of the intermodal cargo shipping industry by providing real, physical security and real-time information about the integrity, condition, and location of shipping containers and cargo.


Watermanlive’s Dynamic Fleet Risk Management

System dashboard gives risk managers, insurers or ship owner an immediate view on the risk situation of each vessel. E-mail notifications are sent when a risk situation changes or is resolved. Watermanlive also is an extremely efficient online Marine Surveying and inspection system. Each issue or deficiency can be automatically and individually tracked and photos and files added by every user. This online system is acces- sible from any mobile device and works even offline!

The results of the survey are immediately accessible for further processing.

The Automated Vessel Rules Compliancy System is set up so that each vessel type entered in the database is automatically matched with applicable statutory and flag regulations for that vessel. Automated notifica- tions by email are sent when surveying dates or expiry dates are approaching so timely action can be taken to avoid non compliancy situations.

Tracking Warranty Claims, Damage Claims or ongoing

Jobs just got a lot easier. Warranty claims can be tracked per item on activity and due date. Projects and

Jobs can be managed effectively in Watermanlive. The tracking system allows comparisons of quotations against actual invoiced amounts and keeps projects within budget. Watermanlive’s online and paperless

Quality Control System is an electronic inspection sys- tem that allows shipyards to gain time while doing their quality control checks during vessel construction.

Deficiencies are immediately reported to the main database and notifications sent in real time. Action can be taken immediately, increasing efficiency and mini- mizing delays.

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