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Maritime Risk

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6 Maritime Professional 1Q 2011

Risky Business


R isk is everywhere on the waterfront. Even as you pick up this, our

Premier Edition of Maritime Professional magazine, you don’t need to be reminded of this metric. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what this tightly focused business journal has chosen for its first theme as we come out of the gate. And, while we are pleased to have you as a subscriber, you are sure to be even happier to have discovered another valuable tool with which to help you better run your firm — and in this case — remove some of that risk from your business model. Welcome on board.

Maritime professionals everywhere are today facing interesting times. There has arguably never been another era for waterborne commerce that has involved the con- fluence of more in the way of onerous regulatory burdens, unwanted environmental compliance issues, dire financial pressure and yes — unprecedented opportunities — for those who have the intestinal fortitude to dip their toes into the water. All of that entails risk, but for those who call the maritime industry their chosen profession, the stars are aligned for better things to come.

Capitalizing on the success of our popular online maritime website of the same name,

New Wave publishing group now brings this print vehicle to our more than 13,000 online members and a raft of others. As a quarterly business journal, each edition of

Maritime Professional will be crafted to highlight the important issues of the day, what to do about them, and why. As a maritime professional with commercial deepsea ship- ping experience and a host of shoreside operational experience to augment that cur- riculum vitae, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Our first edition covers the world of maritime risk from top to bottom; from STCW to salvage, training to technology, piracy to petroleum and everywhere in between.

Moreover, our product and services directory brings light to new tools designed to mit- igate risk at sea, on the docks and in the deepwater oil & gas sectors. Perhaps the most valuable piece in this edition, however, is contained in the Classification Society

Roundtable discussion which details the strategies employed by a group of four enti- ties that, by their very nature, exist for the purpose of eliminating risk for their marine clients.

As you page through our new entry, it might just occur to you that bringing out a new print magazine at this time and place might be considered “Risky Business.” Not at all.

Backed by almost 75 years of experience and the wherewithal that comes from being the publishers of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, MarineNews and Marine

Technology Reporter – as well as four other industry websites that penetrate every aspect of the maritime industry – Maritime Professional comes to you at exactly the right time. That’s because maritime professionals everywhere know that there is little risk in bringing to the table the right people and tools for the right reasons at the right time. As you will soon discover, Maritime Professional magazine is the perfect embodiment of that doctrine.

Joseph Keefe, Managing Editor keefe@

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