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The Arctic Admiral Papp has his own approach to the Coast Guards Arctic responsibilities. The Commandant is, if not happy, satis? ed that he has done what he can. He freely admits that it is more than he had hoped to accomplish when he took command some three years ago. A new Arctic strategy is now in play ? now sitting on DHS Secretary Janet Napoli- tanos desk, awaiting action. It is here where Papp diverges from past policy. ?The previous study said: you need X number of medium and heavy breakers. It is an objective, but we are so far from the objective that it really doesnt matter. What we need to do is to get a comprehensive national strategy in the Arctic right now. The Coast Guard is going to lead on this. You have to have a strategy before you ask for resources to get the job done. Well start getting some other agencies involved, but for me to ask for icebreakers ? that wont get traction ? not until we as a nation decide what we want.? Papps strategy involves measurable goals. We set the ini- tial goal of getting the Polar Star reactivated. After operational testing, we expect to send Polar Star up to the Arctic sometime early summer while there is still some decent ice up there. Af- ter that, weve committed to the National Science Foundation to break out Macmurdo in Antarctica.? Along with this, Papps wish list included getting the icebreaker money put back into the Coast Guards budget (done!) and to make the case for a new icebreaker. Maybe I set my goals too modestly. The President in the new FY-13 budget approved funds for the de- sign and requirements for the new icebreaker. Congress is now requiring us to do a business analysis to see what can be done with Polar Sea ? which we intended to decommission and use for parts. They want to know if it is feasible and economical to activate it. Were trying to determine that now.? According to Papp, the nation needs assured access to as- sert sovereignty in Arctic waters. But, he says, Everybody says you have to have icebreakers and (yes) you have to have them when you need access, but human activity only occurs when the ice recedes. You dont need a single mission hull, you need the national security cutter. This is the optimal resource for conducting operations, because we dont have shore infrastructure up there. Youve got a command center on the national security cutter that is superior to any sho- INTERVIEW: ADMIRAL PAPP The Coast Guard Cutter Healy approaches the Russian-? agged tanker Renda while breaking ice around the vessel 97 miles south of Nome, Alaska, Jan. 10, 2012. 22 | Maritime Professional | 2Q 2013MP #2 18-33.indd 225/3/2013 3:58:45 PM

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