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reside center and you also have an air station. And youve got three boats and crew and all the command and control capabilities that goes along with it.? What Papp is unwilling to do is to build Arctic shoreside infrastructure because it is expensive to build and there is not yet any national consensus on the way forward. In the mean- time, the Coast Guard will do what it has always done best. We have mobile, versatile assets that we can move around when the mission is there. The oil companies arent going up there until ice recedes, nor are the cruise ships. Thats when we need search and rescue, pollution response, security type operations. Theres going to be winter ice up there for the foreseeable future. That gives us a couple of decades to do seasonal operations and continue to learn and make plans for permanent infrastructure.? The S? Word There isnt anything vague about Bob Papps policy when it comes to dealing with sequestration. Papp says simply, We want to maintain our capability to respond to mission priorities. I have designated those as search and rescue and security operations.? Pressed on what speci? c missions he might have to cut ? rst, he responded ? atly, I dont know and I dont want to advertise to adversaries where we may or may not be putting resources. For instance, if Haitians know there are no Coast Guard cutters out there, we may see more Haitians taking to the sea. To say I am cutting back on one particular mission is not wise. Beyond that, you just dont know on a day-to-day basis what is going to happen.? The Big Picture Keeping the recapitalization going is the one thing that keeps Papp awake at night. Were hoping to get all eight of the national security cutters built. We need all eight be- cause they are replacing 12 hulls. The new budgets include money for number 6 and lead money to start getting parts for number 7. Youll have to wait for the FY14 budget, but I can tell you Im happy with how that is shaping up. Not all the money to do everything I want to do as commandant, but we are getting are most important issues moving forward.? You have to like the guy. Its all substance; no ? ash. In other words, the perfect guy for the Coast Guard. | Maritime Professional | 23MP #2 18-33.indd 235/3/2013 3:58:57 PM

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