• Transas Marine has extended its range of GMDSS simulators by introducing the TGS 4000 system. The new TGS 4000 simulator complements and enhances the existing TGS 2000 and TGS 3000 versions, by offering a number of new features which reflect the latest developments in shipboard communication equipment, based on modern PC environment.

    The GMDSS simulator TGS 4000 includes one Instructor workplace and up to 16 Student workstations operating under Windows NT. In addition to the functionality gained in the previous versions, the TGS 4000 simulates communications via Inmarsat-B ship earth stations.

    The TGS 4000 offers the added facility for airplane communications using AERO VHF on the aircraft emergency frequencies. The new simulator provides realistic simulation of radio wave propagation. Two handsets are now connected to each workstation, instead of only one in the TGS 2000 and 3000. Interestingly, both handsets are connected directly to the PC via a dedicated port, so that no additional telephone line is required. A radar is simulated at each workstation (using the same PC), and real-time vessel movements are displayed on an electronic chart. Also, an enhanced Help facility is presented in HTML format so that the user can benefit from hypertext options, making navigation within the Help menu more effective and user-friendly.

    The new simulator TGS 4000 is designed for the training and examination of seafarers that are going to obtain General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC). The simulator can also be used as a component of the seafarers training and examination for the First-Class or Second-Class Radio Electronics Certificate. The simulator fully complies with IMO Resolution A.703 (17) and latest STCW code requirements.

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