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8 MN January 2011

The Weedoo 300, powered by Torqeedo's Twin-Cruise electric outboard is a new class of vessel designed primari- ly as a waterway clean-up boat. This 10.3-ft shallow draft fiberglass constructed boat is designed as a mobile marine work platform to facilitate a wide array of waterway man- agement tasks such as weed eradication and oil spills.

Torqeedo's Twin-Cruise electric outboard doesn't require a water cooling intake and is free of spark hazards, unlike a gas engine. Avoiding unnecessary air and water pollution from exhaust gas, it operates on lithium-man- ganese rechargeable batteries. Available in two versions, the Twin-Cruise 2.0 offers eight horsepower and operates on 24V, while the Twin-Cruise 4.0 supplies 16 hp on 48V.

The Twin-Cruise 2.0 weighs up to 77.2 lbs and the 4.0 has a maximum weight of 81.6 lbs.

Each Twin-Cruise comes with a twin throttle display so owners can monitor the battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and input power for each motor individually. The motor is designed for connection with a standard remote steering system.

With a unique broad flush checker plate deck, the

Weedoo enables maximum work space to accommodate many marine applications including research and water- way restoration. It's equipped with a built-in, patent- pending quick-change system for connecting many labor- saving attachments, such as harvesters, forklifts, swing- arm cutters, baggers and collecting systems.

While the Weedoo is similar to a mini tractor for the water, it can also function as a recreational or fishing ves- sel. Safe and easy to launch in shallow water, it is stable and has a large load capacity.


Weedoo’s Waterway Clean-Up Vessel

Powered by Torqeedo

Photo courtesy Martin Flory Group

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