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Fibergrate Composite Structures Aqua Grate

Aqua Grate T1210 and T1215 pultruded pedestrian grating is specifically engineered to withstand the corro- sive conditions associated with marine applications and to meet ADA guidelines. Aqua Grate’s combination of cor- rosion resistance and light weight provides easy, inexpen- sive installation in marinas and piers. Aqua Grate’s sug- argrit surface provides a high level of slip resistance, yet at the same time offers a comfortable barefoot walking sur- face. Protection against long-term UV exposure is pro- vided by a synthetic surfacing veil and UV inhibitors in the resin formulation.

Aluminum Props Resist Corrosion, Improve


Turning Point's Hustler Series aluminum propellers are designed to maximize overall performance of lower-horse- power outboards. Compatible with outboards from

Evinrude/Johnson, Force, Honda, Mercury & Mariner,

Yamaha, Nissan & Tohatsu, Suzuki and other manufac- turers, the Hustler Series is engineered to provide stainless performance at aluminum prices. Squeeze-cast for added strength, the Hustler propellers are protected from corro- sion by a five-step powder-coat process. Tuned rake angles compact the vortex produced by the prop, lifting the boat and boosting overall performance. A high-flow, through- barrel exhaust system ensures minimum exhaust back pressure for increased horsepower.

Livorsi Introduces Industrial Series Gauges

Livorsi introduced its industrial series gauges which are easy to install with the use of plug-in Deutch connectors that significantly decrease rigging time. The plug-in con- nectors are waterproof and resist salt corrosion and dust intrusion. Gauges are encased in non-ferrous hardware and high contrast graphics make them easy to read at a glance. As a standard Livorsi gauges include red LED backlighting for high visibility in low-light conditions.

They also feature fade resistant powder coated pointers and SAE rims in a powder coat finish or in polished stain- less steel. These finishes protect the rims and make them extremely resilient in harsh weather environments.

Fluoropolymer Foul Release Hull Coating

A report from Professor James Corbett s Energy and

Environmental Research Associates, has proven that the eco-efficiency benefits of Fluoropolymer Foul Release

Technology, manufactured by International Paint, when applied to tanker, bulk cargo and other vessel types can reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) and other emissions by an average of nine percent. Over 400 vessels in the commer- cial fleet currently use Fluoropolymer Foul Release tech- nology for marine applications, patented by International

Paint. Significantly, the report showed that reductions in

CO2 are achieved at a negative cost, whereby the avoided emissions are coupled with economic benefits to the ship owner.

Aqua Grate

Fluoropolymer Foul Release

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