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TECH FILECerion Energy, Inc., a developer and supplier of techno- logically advanced fuel additives has recently introduced its patented diesel fuel combustion catalyst called GO2.Currently being used by the commercial marine industry, GO2 is scientifically proven to decrease fuel consumption by 8-13 percent, decrease greenhouse gas emissions from 10-20 percent and decrease soot emissions by up to 40 percent. GO2 addresses a common design limitation of a diesel engine: uneven distribution of oxygen and fuel, which limits engine performance. Unlike gasoline engines, fuel is not pre-mixed with air in diesel engines, thereby resulting in areas of high and low oxygen concentration in the engine chamber. In areas of high oxygen concentra- tion, the combustion creates NOX. In areas of low con- centration, the resulting combustion creates un-burned hydrocarbons (soot). This uneven distribution of oxygen limits the maximum work output the engine can generate during each combustion cycle. Cerion produces nanoparticles that are the active ingre- dient in the GO2 formulation. Because of their size and composition, the particles play a dual role in the combus- tion process. The nanoparticles provide oxygen in fuel rich areas in the combustion chamber which enables a more rapid, complete and cleaner burn. The particles also shut- tle oxygen for more uniform fuel/oxygen mixture on the order of 1 million times per combustion cycle. The Companys fuel additive formulations based on this tech- nology offer increased combustion efficiency, thereby increasing fuel economy (i.e. MPG), while dramatically decreasing unwanted and harmful exhaust emissions. Plaquemines Parishs Ferry Department located in Louisiana recently implemented the use of GO2 on their entire fleet. Before the implementation a test was per- formed on the Belle Chase Ferry M/V Plaquemines Pride. Two EPA-certified Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) designed to record fuel use and emis- sions were brought in for this demonstration. The units were attached to the ferry and it resumed normal opera- tions. Data was collected thirty days later and it was determined that fuel use was down by 6.8%, Carbon Monoxide emissions were reduced by 30%; Nitrogen Oxide emissions were reduced by 15%; and un-burned Hydrocarbons were reduced by approximately 30%. In order to confirm the findings, an independent third party was brought on to evaluate the use of GO2 in M/V Plaquemines Pride. GO2 Nanoparticles to the RescueDiesel combustion catalyst decreases consumption, GHG emissions(Images courtesy: Cerion Energy Inc.)14MNAugust 2011

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