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The primary focus of this issue of MarineNews is, appropriately enough, Marine Salvage & Recovery. While that obviously refers to one of the most important, but sometimes misunderstood aspects of the business, we also train our attention on the global econ- omy as marine operators everywhere try to salvage a good year out of one that has been dif- ficult on many fronts. Nowhere is that metric more applicable than in the domestic Offshore Service Vessel sector, where the drilling moratorium in the U.S. Gulf profoundly affected the offshore and coastal markets. On the front lines of the offshore and energy battles, Susan Buchanan weighs in not once, but twice, with a comprehensive report on the state of the OSV markets, as well as a recap of Julys World Energy Day held in New Orleans. Her report(s) on the implications of slow BOEMRE permitting and what that means for OMSA and IMCA members and the diverse OSV markets they serve give MarineNews readers an unusually up-close and timely snapshot of U.S. Gulf Coast market conditions. Columnist Larry DeMarcay tells us that Salvage business operators probably know and understand salvage law like the back of their hand.? If thats true, then the rest of us probably need a legal primer ? and thats just what he provides. Rounding our salvage coverage are three other articles, including Insights from ASA President Mauricio Garrido, who brings us up to speed on the world according to the American Salvage Association. Rounding out this edition, along with all of our usual features, is an unusual but more than appropriate Boat of the Month selection. I wont spoil it for you, but this versatile platform works as hard as you do and is equally at home in deepwater as it is maneuvering in tight quarters, assisted by a handy bow thruster. The August edition of MarineNews is my first as Editor. As I also happily note the first year anniversary of my employ- ment here at New Wave Publishing, the opportunity to lead and help shape the workboat industrys leading BPA-audit- ed publication is an added bonus. That said, you and I have more than a few things in common. As a licensed mariner also struggling with the nuances of STCW-related regulatory burdens, Im still digging the dirt out from under my fin- gernails; the legacy of a career spent, in part, on the same docks that you now toil. Finally, and also like you, I am quite aware that this sector of the maritime industry has changed measurably over the course of the past thirty years. Just as yesterdays typical workboat has surely been transformed from one of relatively simple equipment into todays DP-capable and sophisticated, highly technical platform, so too must the editorial cov- erage that brings all of that to light. As always, your business concerns will form the basis of our ongoing editorial cov- erage. Call it whatever you want ? workboat, OSV, brown water, coastal, inland, patrol or Great Lakes ? your market is ours, too. Dont hesitate to reach out and tell me whats on your mind and look for me to do the same. SUBSCRIBESubscribe to the print or electronic edition of MarineNews at or e-mail Kathleen Hickey at [email protected] DAILY NEWS via E-MAIL Twice every business day we provide breaking news, tailored to your specification, delivered FREE directly to your e-mail. To s ubscribe visit POST & SEARCH?JOBS Job listings are updated daily and help match employers with qualified employees. Post a position or keep abreast of new employ ment opportunities at ADVERTISE MN offers a number of print and electronic advertising packages. To see our editorial calendar and advertising rates, visit Joseph Keefe, Editor, [email protected] Online Resources 6MNAugust 2011EDITORS NOTEkeefe@

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