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Shipyard Report: Construction & Repair

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equipment and providing rapid egress through a bow door, he said.Built with marine-grade aluminum, the RPB is beach- able, with the ability to work in shallow or open water, powered by twin Yanmar inboard diesel/Hamilton water- jet propulsion. ?It?s designed to facilitate maintenance, inspections and repairs to provide ease of operation and extended service life,? Clanton said. Ballistic protection is included in the design, and the RPB has multiple, crew- served weapon foundations.? This contract is the complete package - boats, trailers, on-board and deployable spares, OEM or original equipment manufacturer technical manuals, and boat manual and training. It provides the customer with a one-stop shop.? Silver Ships is also under contract to deliver two center- console, 11-meter Rigid Hull In atable Boats to Yemen, awarded through the U.S. Navy FMS. The two boats for Yemen are in production now and should be shipped mid- year. The contract includes boats, trailers, on-board and deployable spares, OEM technical manuals, boat manual and in-country training. Clanton said, ?Silver Ships continues research and de- velopment on innovative armor solutions and C4SIR capabilities, and has delivered tactical watercrafts for the U.S. Dept. of Defense and Dept. of Homeland Security.? The company is building two commercial boats for Aram- co Oil Co. for delivery to Saudi Arabia. Those boats are 48- foot oil-recovery barges, powered by CMD with traditional direct drives. Both are pilot house-con gured with 20 feet of open well deck area--which the oil recovery system will occupy, deploying through a bow door that?s 10 feet wide. According to Silver Ships, production schedules are oth- erwise  lled through third quarter FY13 with U.S. gov- ernment and federal and state law-enforcement contracts. ?Our competitiveness with foreign shipyards is based on our quality of workmanship, along with our quality as- surance standards, and our understanding and implemen- tation of design in accordance with American Boat and Yacht Council or ABYC standards,? Clanton said. ?That?s kept us on or above our peers, whether they?re U.S. or for- eign small-boat manufacturers.? He said, ?Building and delivering a vessel is probably the easiest part of a foreign sale while ?cradle to grave? re- quirements are a challenge. Being able to provide after-sale service and support is crucial to end users. Silver Ships has limited its area of focus to those areas of the world that we SEA READY ? SEA TOUGHSEE SILVERSHIPS.COM   sSILVERSHIPSCOM DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS OF ALUMINUM BOATS CompanyVessel Types Client(s)BacklogBrunswickBoston Whaler / RHIBSouth & Central America, Singapore9 months Metal SharkPatrol & interceptSOCOM, AFRICOM, PACOMReportedly on large contracts Silver ShipsPatrol, RHIB, Oil RecoveryPhilippines, Yemen, Saudi ArabiaNot disclosed Swiftships Patrol BoatsIraq, Egypt & others (undisclosed)Backlog on Iraqi Contract Tampa Yacht Fast Attack, RHIB, Patrol FCIIndia and others (undisclosed)2-3 years Williard MarineRIBPhilippines, Lebanon, UkraineNot disclosed Source: Company data Representative U.S. Companies Delivering Vessels Overseas in 2013 March 2013 40 MNMN March2013 Layout 32-49.indd 40MN March2013 Layout 32-49.indd 403/4/2013 3:23:05 PM3/4/2013 3:23:05 PM

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