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Shipyard Report: Construction & Repair

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genuine affection and appreciation for these boats. Some people look at them and see a big hunk of steel. I see an amazing balance of power, engi- neering, and thought. We wanted to be able to build a unique vessel that was our design alone, and to the needs and standards of our customers. We also wanted to build the vessel on our timeline and make whatever changes we needed, with a focus on quality instead of just price and schedule. A shipyard gives you the options to do all of those things.? So while the success of the Sting- ray Class in  eld operation is a chap- ter still to be written, in the Stingray Class Wes Bordelon has done his part in bringing the vision full circle. He has not only the crew on both the ves- sel construction and operations side, but the boat and the corporate culture to help Bordelon Marine carve its new niche for a generation to come.RAACI Delivers The PowerRobichaux Automation and Con- trol, Incorporated (RAACI) was con- tracted by Bordelon Marine, to design and supply Hybrid Diesel Electric Propulsion equipment to out t the Stingray Series 260 Class DP2 PSVs. RAACI is under contract to provide a complete diesel electric system in-cluding two 480 VAC water cooled Active Front End (AFE) Variable Fre- quency Drives (VFD?s) to control two 950 HP electric bow thrusters, one 480 VAC Ship Service Switchboard (SWBD), one Emergency SWBD and four Motor Control Centers. In addition, RAACI will provide an Engineer?s Operating Station (EOS), an ABS ACCU, DPS-2 approved Alarm, Monitoring and Power Man- agement system all to be installed on Bordelon Marine?s new Stingray Se- ries 260 Class DP2 PSVs. MN MN March2013 Layout 50-65.indd 53MN March2013 Layout 50-65.indd 533/4/2013 3:52:32 PM3/4/2013 3:52:32 PM

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