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Shipyard Report: Construction & Repair

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take advantage of a loophole in the law. Since these boats do not travel more than 200 miles from the U.S. coast and are not engaged in interna- tional voyages, they are not subject to the International ?Standards of Train- ing, Certi cation and Watchkeeping? (STCW) nor will they be subject to the upcoming ?Maritime Labor Con- vention 2006? (MLC 2006) guide- lines coming into effect 20 August 2013.?Talk to an AT/B operator instead of relying on hearsay. AT/B?s ROU- TINELY operate in trans-oceanic service. I know because my boats do it. The limitations of space for this article do not allow me to enumerate the many cases of such, but they oper-ate under the same international rules as ships do. Space limitations again prohibit me from answering each inaccuracy in the article, but interested parties are welcome to contact me at to hear the REAL AT/B story. I would not send a person to sea on an unsafe vessel design. The safety of these crews is everything to a naval architect. We have to think of them constantly. To suggest by infer- ence that those of us who design or operate these vessels care nothing for the concepts of safety or environmen- tal protection is to do an injustice to a lot of good people. The TRUE AT/B record speaks well for itself. Sincerely, Robert P. Hill, N.A. President, Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering Corporation OP/EDCOLUMNCentofanti Marine SystemsDon?t settle for cheap imitations. Get the originalMark IV Air Clutch Control Panel Gear Mate Panel, Throttle Interlock, Governor Actuator, Chrome ?T? Handle Control Head And remember, just because you have installed electronic engines and gears doesn?t mean you have to give up the reliability of pneumatic controls. Contact us for more information on our PNELC System We are American Owned and American Made from Start to Finish Formerly Schrader Bellows Marine P.O. Box 1050 Uniontown, PA 15401 (724) 438-7666 Type II Marine Sanita !on DeviceU.S. Coastguard Cer ed ? I.M.O. Cer ed1-606-561-4697711-C Colyer Road ? Bronston, KY 42518 ? Constructed of HD High Density Polythylene ? Lightweight ? 4, 12, 16 & 32 Person Systems ? Corrosion free ? Maintenance Free ? Simple Installa !on? Operates as a Biological AerobicSewage Treatment, Elimina !ng Foul Odors ? Conforms to the Clean Water Act March 2013 64 MNMN March2013 Layout 50-65.indd 64MN March2013 Layout 50-65.indd 643/5/2013 2:31:14 PM3/5/2013 2:31:14 PM

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