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The ultimate challenge for OSV solutions is the obvious lack of space on board these highly specialized, but compact workboats. Normally, there is plenty of power, but the available space to place BWT equipment can be more than 15% less than what might be available in the typical VLCC pumproom. To that end, PG Marine and Hyde provide 2D and 3D design- modeling, physical engineering on board, prefabrication and the ß ex-ibility that HydeÕs BWT solution can be split and built into clusters, lines, L-shaped formations or even stacked. And while the physical footprint of HydeÕs equipment isnÕt the smallest in the industry, it might just be the most ß exible in terms of how it is placed on board a vessel. While retroÞ ts can involve more money, time and complications, they can be done. Hyde, through its part- nership with PG Marine, has been in- volved in its fair share of this type of installation. As a baseline, careful plan- ning is at the heart of any BWT retro- Þ t operation. The OSV Olympic Zeus installation Ð sold through PG Marine Ð is a perfect example of one such job. Tight spaces, the need for a compact physical footprint and a simple design were all part of the winning package. Operating in todayÕs OSV markets, however, requires savvy that extends far beyond simple cost comparisons of systems. Owners who want to be in a position of being able to quickly repo- sition a vessel from one are to another also need to know that ballast water compliance issues may come into play. And with OSV day rates commanding breathtaking six Þ gure magnitude for some specialties, operators do not want to lose even one day of fees. And, in the not-too-distant future, the differ- ence in securing an oil majorÕs offshore support work and losing that work to a competitor could well come down to which operator has the best, most environmentally sound and compliant equipment on board. HYDE MARINE, PG MARINE, & OSVÕ S, TOO : A TIGHT PACKAGE As more and more U.S. OSV own- ers start to think about ballast wa- ter treatment, long term and reliable service, experience and a compliant product will just be three of the met- rics they will insist upon. If so, then some will have to look no further than U.S.-based Hyde Marine, its global partner in PG Marine Group and the combined experience represented by their business relationship. For its part, Hyde MarineÕs approach with one of its most important client sectors Ð the offshore service vessel operator Ð is to sell them on a package that (a.) lowers risk, (b.) lowers the cost of operations and (c.) promises long term support. For more than 75 of HydeÕs OSV cus- tomers (and counting), thatÕs been a winning combination so far. MN MN March2013 Layout 66-75.indd 69MN March2013 Layout 66-75.indd 693/4/2013 5:24:12 PM3/4/2013 5:24:12 PM

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