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PRODUCTSUSCG-Approved Fire Detection System The U.S. Coast Guard?s Bridging Program is moving the towing indus- try toward the new Subchapter M reg- ulations. Among the requirements are installation of a  re detection system to detect engine room  res and a  xed  re extinguishing system. Sea-Fire?s FireStop Fire Detection and Alarm System has USCG approval to help towing ves- sel owners with compliance, in addition to approved  re suppression systems. Sea-Fire?s modular FireStop system provides quick and clear identi cation of open, short and alarm conditions of  re alarms. Its 10? x 7? control panel has  re, heat and smoke monitoring capabilities. www.sea-Þ re.comSafe at sea with Helly HansenTechnical clothing specialists Helly Hansen?s water sports collection com- bines design and technical features for warmth, dryness and protection in rough seas. The recently rebuilt Ocean Jacket and Ocean Trousers offer maximum safety and comfort. Constructed with a three-layer, quick-dry system, the three- quarter length Ocean Jacket is designed to offer unrivalled protection, with an extra high Polartec  eece collar, fully adjustable EN-471 hi-visibility hood and a stow-away face visor. The matching squall-proof bib, the Ocean Trouser features seat and knee reinforcements that have been man- ufactured to endure harsh conditions on the water. Maxim Reverse Osmosis Evaporators Maxim Evaporators has launched a new line of Seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination systems to compliment an existing heat recovery evaporator prod- uct line. The Sterling Series offers water production capacities from 1,000 GPD to 6,000 GPD. The equipment has stan- dard features that include a 2205 duplex stainless steel ultra-quiet Danfoss pump, high rejection 4? seawater membranes, an energy ef cient design, with ver- tical and horizontal con gurations available. The Sterling Series offers clients quality and reliability, a competitive price point and a short lead time. Diesel Exhaust Cleaning SystemNorthern Lights? Diesel Ex- haust Cleaning System (DECS), based on DCL International?s Marine-X system, removes soot and particulate matter as it is emitted from engines. Exhaust gas is routed through a catalytically coated ceramic  lter, trap- ping soot and particulates. DECS uses a passive regenera- tion process which does not require additional equipment, controls or regeneration time. The DECS  ltration process reduces carbon monoxide by up to 98% and diesel hydro- carbons by up to 95%. Soot burns away and transforms into harmless CO2. It is CARB Level 3 veri ed and NO2 compliant. Thorn-D Antifouling-Þ lm Applied to Crew Vessel Micanti BV has applied its patented non-toxic anti- fouling on a crew vessel in Dubai. Thorn-D is an adhe- sive foil with  bers that cre- ates a textured surface. Instead of killing marine growth, the textured foil is preventing it from attaching itself to the hull of a ship. Thorn-D is set to replace the generally used chemical coatings on hulls of ships. Thorn D is an easy-to- apply self adhesive foil physical barrier to fouling and has an expected lifetime of at least 5 years. The physical nature of the product guarantees environmental friendliness. PPGÕs Antifouling for Short Sea, Coastal Shipping PPG Protective and Marine Coatings has launched Sigma Eco-  eet 690, designed to deliver self- polishing antifouling for extreme and aggressive fouling conditions. Developed speci cally for the dry dock, maintenance and repair market, Sigma Eco eet 690 ensures consistent performance levels and fouling control for in-service periods of up to 60 months. Compliant with the IMO AFS Convention, it is suitable for a wide range of vessels and contains an ultra-high volume solids content of 70% - reducing potential VOC emissions. Formulated to be easy to apply, it also increases productivity and reduces overall maintenance costs. March 2013 72 MNMN March2013 Layout 66-75.indd 72MN March2013 Layout 66-75.indd 723/4/2013 5:06:24 PM3/4/2013 5:06:24 PM

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