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PRODUCTSRaymarine Launches Voyage Planner PC Planning Software Raymarine has introduced a pow- erful, easy-to-use, route planning and data management software solution for Raymarine multifunction dis-plays. Voyage Planner allows man- agement of waypoints and routes between multifunction displays and PC?s. Using the built-in Wi-Fi capability of Raymarine?s new c-Series and e-Series multifunction displays, waypoint and route plans can sync through SeaTalkhs (Ethernet) or  ash memory cards. Voy- age Planner supports native Raymarine formats and offers GPX and KMZ waypoint  le format support, giving  ex-ibility of importing waypoints from other brands of marine electronics, electronic navigation charts, topographic charts, weather overlays, and custom  shing data. FLIR?s Gyro-Stabilized Thermal Night Vision FLIR Systems has released the latest addi- tion to its M-Series family of thermal night vision cameras: the new gyro-stabilized M- 618CS. This new M-Series camera offers powerful new features, including High reso- lution thermal night vision, extended range performance, active gyro-stabilization and color TV cam- era with 10x optical zoom. Housed in a rugged, waterproof gimbaled enclosure that provides continuous 360° pan and +/-90° tilt capability, the M-618CS provides horizon-to- horizon coverage, and incorporates cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity for easy installation and control. www.ß Navis Achieves DNV MED-B Certi cation for AP4000 AutopilotNavis Engineering Oy has re- ceived MED-B type approval for its latest generation AP4000 autopi-lot from classi cation society DNV. The MED-B certi cate provides assurance that the product complies with international standards and covers equipment delivery to newbuildings or existing vessels for retro t. One new feature is the fully self-adjusting auto tune algorithm that facilitates the adaption of the autopilot?s performance to the hydrodynamic parameters of any yacht, irrespective of its displacement and dimensions. The AP4000 is one of the few autopilots on the market that has a con guration for two independent rudders. It is designed to allow interface with bow thrusters, keeping the vessel?s heading at low speeds. SeaRobotics Autonomous Hull Cleaning SystemSeaRobotics Corporation has delivered the  rst HullBUG (Hull Bio-inspired Underwater Groom- ing) System to the Center for Cor- rosion and Biofouling Control at Florida Institute of Technology. This will be tested and further developed at the newly commissioned Large Scale Seawater Facility. HullBUG, a small autonomous vehicle weighing 30-40 kilograms, at- taches to the hull and performs a gentle cleaning function, or grooming. Numerous embedded computers perform navigation and sensing tasks to facilitate grooming the ship hull. Attachable to ferrous, non-ferrous and  berglass hulls, HullBUG also facilitates inspection challenges. Nyalic Ultra Thin Resin Coatings Nyalic is a clear, ultra-thin resin coating that is not a wax or a polish. It is used on com- mercial workboats to protect bare metal,  berglass, painted surfaces, plastics, wood and electrical and mechanical connections from salt water, corrosive chemicals and UV damage. A properly prepared coating gives three and  ve years of protection, generating cost savings in maintenance and down time. Originally developed for the Apollo Space Program, Nyalic is an ideal surface protectant for moist and corrosive environments. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures ? up to 350 F and below 0 F. Powerful LED Floodlights Eclipse Ordinary Halogen Powerful Hella Marine Sea Hawk XL LED Floodlights and Deck Lamps use 30 LEDs to produce a spectacular 750 lumens of light, far more than 55W or 70W H3 halogen bulbs. The lamps offer more than 80% power savings over halogen models, using only 12W at high intensity and 2W at low. The CE-approved Sea Hawk XL models are built to stand up to the most punishing marine conditions. The LED Floodlight illuminates a wide spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area. When forward facing, the deck lamp helps illuminate objects in the water. March 2013 74 MNMN March2013 Layout 66-75.indd 74MN March2013 Layout 66-75.indd 743/4/2013 5:06:10 PM3/4/2013 5:06:10 PM

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