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programming manipulations are gone. Builders can only buy what the EPA has rated. Furthermore, engines will only be sold and warranteed within their applicable ratings. As we advance through the EPA tier structures, there are fewer choices and customers may now have to forego their favorite brand in lieu of one that is sized with appro- priate horsepower and complies with MCR ratings for warranty and time before overhaul. SCALE TIPPERS AND HIDDEN COSTS If money is of no concern, feel free to specify some absolutes such as minimum speed, noise and vibration criteria, or a more stringent level of certiÞ cation. Such absolutes are often imposed with the looming threat of liquidated damages. The more restric- tive the box you put the builder in, the more risk the builder will bear, and the more money you will spend. Is that money well spent? There should be a certain level of expectation when it comes to buying a new workboat, but the best solution is an equitable one whereby the builder and buyer work together to achieve results. It may be possible to go overboard when drafting your new boat speciÞ -cations. Exaggerating the capabilities of your new boat may not necessarily maximize the bottom line. Is it justiÞ -able to purchase a heavier and more expensive 7 ton crane when 95% of your work load will utilize a 4 ton crane? Excessive equipment tends to lurk like a parasitic stowaway that will drink up extra fuel and pad the main-tenance costs until the few times it is actually called upon to work. SHOW ME THE MONEY In order to design and build the best boat for your buck, there needs to be a clear understanding of the how the boat will be used. Any workboat that doesnÕt help you make money is a bad boat; hence, buying decisions should never be based on price alone. In general, the OEM pricing for boatbuilding compo-nents is similar, wherever you choose to build. Any pricing gaps that appear from builder to builder are often closed by a closer examination of the quality of workmanship or the technology of the design. It not always about what goes into the boat, but rather how itÕs put to- gether. Considering these boats are the lifeblood of our livelihood Ð make an appropriate investment. MN 17MN June2013 Layout 1-17.indd 17MN June2013 Layout 1-17.indd 175/30/2013 11:06:11 AM5/30/2013 11:06:11 AM

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