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shock mitigation, habitability, performance and safety, and without downside. According to Moore, the nozzles rap- idly paid for themselves by eliminating the need for pro- peller replacements and damages to lower-end drives. The Chief noted all their vital beneÞ ts were maintained at all hull speeds ranging from 0 to 30+ KT and that person- nel reported less physically damaging impact effects due to WBV (Whole Body Vibration) and RS (Repeated Shock). Acording to MPT, the HM14 operational evidence com- pares performance (with and without the Thrustor respec- tively) for these test issues: (1) open-water speed in 2 to 3 sea states (20mph vs. 9±mph); (2) open water speed under heavy tow (6-7.5mph vs 3-4mph); (3) average top speed (31-33mph vs. 28.5mph); and (4) hole shot (6-8 seconds vs. 15-20 seconds). Neptune?s Rail Effect: The vessel connects to the sea un- der the surface as a roller coaster is connected to its track, thus creating the ÒNeptuneÕs Rail EffectÓ. Using the MPTÕs Prop Shroud, the vesselÕs hull becomes proactive to the wa- terÕs surface topography, interacting with the hull, rather than being reactive. Scaling up the technology: Marine professionals Ð for ex- PERFORMANCE ISSUEWITHOUT ThrustorWITH Thrustor ASSISTSPEED27 ? 30 mph31 ? 33 mphSEAKEEPING in 2 -3 sea states8 ? 10 mph20 mphHEAVY TOW 3 ? 4 mph6 to 7.5 mphHOLE SHOT15 ? 20 seconds6 ? 8 secondsADDED RESULTS Dramatic improvement in: Platform Stability, Maneuverability, Safety, Habitability, Speed, Shock Mitigation, Cavitation Vibration MN MN October2013 Layout 18-31.indd 19MN October2013 Layout 18-31.indd 199/30/2013 11:21:07 AM9/30/2013 11:21:07 AM

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