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Tempest 50FPC ? Versatile Bow Door deploymentAlso built by TYM, the 50FPC is the Force Protection con- Þ guration of the versatile 50 foot platform based on the Tem- pest 60. Sister craft to TYMÕs 50FAC, soon to be in service pa- trolling the border waters of India, the FPC offers enhanced open water performance with a robust propulsion package, and includes key elements to facilitate mother ship interface. A unique but key feature of the Tempest 50FPC is a Bow Landing Ramp for quick troop disembarkation and/or recov- ery. Designed for shallow draft operations, the craft is ideal for Patrol and Surveillance in coastal and riverine waters. And, thatÕs where the TYM specially designed Bow Ramp comes into play. Particularly handy for the insertion/extraction of SOF teams into hostile/denied littoral/coastal areas, the vessel can operate at speed in waters less than 2 meters deep. The 50 Bow Door is Tampa YachtÕs design and unique to their boat. Although other Þ rms also builders produce bow doors, no others have the distinct features of vertical personnel mobility, both up and down, which the TYM unit provides. The 50 Bow Door (design and execution) is unique and innovative in the industry. The craft is Þ tted with a one me- ter wide stainless steel clad Bow Landing Door for ingress and egress directly to shore from the bow of the craft, and for water level deployment/recovery of swimmers, ROVs, etc. The robustly built arrangement, Þ tted with integral stairs, is simply extended and retrieved manually for rugged durabil- ity. Dogs lock the ramp to the bow when not in use, and allow the ramp to be secured to the interior of the vessel. In the stowed and locked position, the Bow Landing Door pro- vides vertical egress in boarding operations and at pierside. Innovation, Adaptation and Unique DesignOne way to keep the customers coming back is to be able to adjust quickly to customer requirements. TYMÕs unique bow door and the adaptation of a commercially available collar product do just that. Foreign customers, more and more, are sourcing U.S. yards for their newbuild needs. This involves competitive pricing, of course, but more impor- tantly, quality service and products. TYM, like other smaller workboat shipyards, today exports a fair portion of its out- put to customers outside of North America. ThatÕs one way to keep a strong shipbuilding environment intact. In this case, solid design work trumps all other variables, too. WORKBOAT DESIGN 48 MNOctober 2013MN October2013 Layout 32-49.indd 48MN October2013 Layout 32-49.indd 489/30/2013 11:34:59 AM9/30/2013 11:34:59 AM

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