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at Transas developed a 78 point plan of improvements to be put into action and a continual relationship was cemented to develop what Steve Sandy calls, ?The best tug sim in the world?. That would not be easy. The SeaWays/Serco wish list contained many metrics, as depicted in Table 2 .THE BEST TUG SIMULATION IN THE WORLDFrom out of Serco?s speci c training needs and SeaWays? exacting requirement for realism came the Transas-built Seaways Tug Training Simulator. And, there is literally no end to the features of the high-tech training device. The simulator, for example, realistically duplicates, ?tug washout at stern?, produces an Active Escort Model and as many as 15 hours of actual at sea data is collected for each tugboat to give the most realistic training effects pos- sible. According to Steve Sandy, the Simulator even shows masters how the length of towline is a factor of bollard pull at different angles. All of this was modeled and because SeaWays insisted upon it, the simulator training includes depth perception and 3D effects. Compliant to all acknowledged industry standards, such as ISM, ISO, USCG, UK MCA, STWC and PMSC, the simulation program was developed and de ned based on speci c, pragmatic and well illustrated training manuals. Training is structured to ensure that no common opera- tional practice or risk is overlooked and records results to show that training was undertaken to the required ?de-  ned? standard, which is subjectively assessed. The last part is especially valuable in the event of investigations that may result in a claim or penalty on the tug operator. Delivering training via simulation is extremely cost ef- fective when considered against manning costs, fuel con- sumption and engine hours saved by fast tracking the training via an experienced professional trainer. Beyond this, the simulator ensures that tug masters are taught to drive in such a way as to gain the most out of the tug and to be able to operate tugs in a safe, relaxed and competent manner under the most challenging of circumstances. END GAME: FORMAL ENDORSEMENTS FOR TUGMASTERSA global move towards formal endorsements for tugmas- ters to operate tugs is gathering steam. Similar to what cur- rently applies to Pilots, DP Operators, High Speed Ferries and other specialty disciplines, the certi cation(s) eventu- ally could be further distilled down to other specializations such as General Towage - CTS Tugs, Work Boats Barge Work, Ship Assist Towage ? Omni-Directional Tugs, Ship Assist Harbor Towage, and Sea Towage ? Long Haul Tow- age, Salvage & Offshore OSV. When that does happen, no doubt SeaWays and Transas will in the thick of it as training modules are developed, re ned and standardized. The initiative should be a positive for Tugmasters and Pi- lots, who, via structured and de ned training, will ensure a common level of competency of tugmasters. Simulator layout and equipment set must now be adapt- able for multiple vessel types and purposes ? navigational and engine rooms alike ? including, but not limited to Tugs, Offshore Vessels, Cruise Ships, Naval Ships, LNG and a host of others. As simulation training evolves, how- ever, the need to keep the price reasonable for the increasing numbers of mariners who need it will be just as important. Finally, effective mariner training of mariners ? no mat- ter what their specialty ? must include both on board les- sons and time spent in the simulator. But, as Transas Euro- pean Sales Director Evgeny Drumachik recently told more than 250 customers at this year?s Transas Users conference, ?No longer will industry accept learning on generic simu- lation platforms. The move towards the ability to swap out equipment and controls, to duplicate and closely mimic actual conditions at sea for the customer?s own equipment, will be very important.? Serco and Seaways Europe cer- tainly didn?t accept anything less. Neither should you. TUG TRAINING & SIMULATION MN 51MN October2013 Layout 50-58.indd 51MN October2013 Layout 50-58.indd 519/30/2013 11:39:03 AM9/30/2013 11:39:03 AM

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