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PRODUCTSHome Study Programs For Mariners Professional mariners learn in a variety of ways, times and places. They have to. After spending months at sea, that home-port time can be hard to Þ ll up with train- ing. Sorensen offers home study programs with various options to prepare deck of- Þ cers and engineers. The 500/1600 Master/Mate Inland or Near Coastal program prepares mariners to earn their Master or Mate license on vessels not exceeding 500 or 1600 gross registered tons and operating within inland or near coastal waters. Students also receive one week of exam preparation at the Chesapeake Marine Training Institute campus. FloScan Receives ABS CertiÞ cationFloScan Instrument Company, Inc. has obtained ABS Product Design As- sessment CertiÞ cation for its new line of Series K Stainless Steel Diesel Fuel Flowmeters. This certiÞ cation per- mits the installation of FloScan Fuel Monitoring Systems on ABS-classed vessels requiring steel piping compo- nents. FloScan manufactures Fuel Monitoring Systems for permanent installation on diesel and gasoline engines, worldwide on commercial and recreational vessels. Since FloScan ß owmeters were Þ rst introduced in aircraft 40 years ago, more than 750,000 FloScan sensors and systems have been installed almost every make of gasoline and die- sel engine, rated from 25hp to 6000hp. www.ß Miller Welder/Generators Reduce Fuel Use and Sound The Trailblazer 325 Diesel and Bobcat 250 Diesel welder/genera- tors by Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Ð both fully compliant with EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations Ð deliver multiprocess welding capabilities and smooth generator power, designed for the professional welder. De- signed to extend runtimes by 55 percent, reduce fuel use by 25 percent and noise by 40 percent, these units combine for a safer, more productive jobsite. The smaller footprint allows trucks to carry more heavy payloads. Both are Stick, MIG, Flux-Cored and DC TIG-capable. With carbon arc gouging capabilities, the generators can power Spectrum plasma cutters for additional ß exibility. Marco Announces Launch of New Website Marco Group International, a provider of service and equipment for the surface preparation industry, has launched its redesigned Marco. us website. The main focus of the websiteÕs redesign was to simplify navigation and enhance functionality. The site includes a new, modern visual de- sign, expanded product information, part number listings, schematic drawings, simpliÞ ed navigation to get to infor- mation in two clicks or less, high-resolution product pho- tos, and a dynamic site search, enabling customer to search content and documents within the site. Surface prepara- tion professionals can also stay current and connected with other digital properties. ExxonMobilÕs Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants ExxonMobil Marine Limited is in- troducing Mobil SHC Aware, a series of synthetic, environmentally accept- able lubricants. Formulated to enhance equipment performance, comply with environmental regulations and mini- mize maintenance costs, the lubricants were developed through extensive testing. The Mobil SHC Aware range includes Mobil SHC Aware H hydraulic ß uids, Mobil SHC Aware ST stern tube lubricants, Mobil SHC Aware Grease EP 2 multi-purpose grease, and Mobil SHC Aware Gear range of gear oils. The series meet requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants as outlined in the EPAÕs 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP). STAUFFÕs Anti Corrosion Technology Clamp ACT Clamps from STAUFF protect against crevice corrosion in salt water. De- signed for use with stainless steel tube and pipe, ACT clamps can be used for both un- derwater and top-side applications. Crev- ice corrosion is a problem when seawater is trapped in gaps between conventional clamps and the pipe or tube. ACT Clamps utilize anti-corrosion elastomer strips to Þ rmly hold the tube while eliminating gaps seawater can penetrate. The clamp body provides UV stability and is resistant against seawater, rain and oil. STAUFF ACT clamps have been extensively Þ eld-tested in the Dutch North Sea. October 201356 MNMN October2013 Layout 50-58.indd 56MN October2013 Layout 50-58.indd 569/30/2013 11:40:25 AM9/30/2013 11:40:25 AM

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