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Compact Drives, Controls

PSV Enginerooms

Modular liquid-cooled drives and

PLCs from ABB are included in

VARD ELECTRO’s application- specifi c propulsion and thruster power solutions for OSV’s. The electric motor propulsion technol- ogy designed by VARD ELECTRO is used on a series of six platform- supply vessels (PSVs). These com- ponents provide real-time control updates and low harmonics power conversion of drives, and compact- ness – a valuable feature for packed

OSV enginerooms.

High Resolution

Subsea Digital Imaging

Imenco has introduced an all-digital system that will have considerable ramifi cations in the way the sub- sea industry carries out inspection tasks. All future systems will be run with Ethernet using the latest TCP/

IP Standard. With the ‘PC’ inside the camera rather than on the sur- face, users can tailor how they use the subsea system to meet specifi c demands using Imenco or custom


ESAB Launches

Redesigned Website

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched a newly redesigned website. A fresh design offers visi- tors a better user experience, a com- pletely revamped home page with impactful visuals, improved drop- down navigation menus and better functionality to locate content in fewer clicks. The website has been redesigned using the latest technol- ogy, making it compatible with to- day’s browsers and mobile devices.

Jet Edge’s EDGE X-5 5-Axis Waterjet

Jet Edge’s EDGE X-5 5-axis wa- terjet system with AquaVision Di

Controller cuts precise taper-free parts. Capable of cutting sophis- ticated 3D parts such as impellers and bevels up to 50°, this work- horse waterjet system is designed to provide years of dependable service in harsh industrial environments.

The EDGE X-5’s sturdy design eliminates vibration and ensures maximum part quality, using an in- dustrial PC controller.

Gates Corporation

Launches New Website

The Gates Corporation has un- veiled a state-of-the-art web site, of- fering easier access to hose and belt products, tips, and resources for an improved user experience. High- lights of the new Gates website in- clude direct communication with a

Gates industrial belt engineer. The new site features an intuitive in- terface for fi nding industrial belts, hose, and hydraulics. The new Re- sources Library houses more than 350 assets.


Case from GNA


Global Navigation Authority is a waterproof iPad case with ‘built-in’ fl otation, designed to protect an iPad when using it with Marine nav- igation. LIFEJACKET iPad cases are designed to provide a completely airtight operating environment, protecting from water incursion.

Its IPX-7 and Military (MIL-STD- 810G) certifi ed design sets a new precedent in iPad protection.

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