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BY THE NUMBERSHampshire, Delaware, Alabama, and Texas had the highest rates of growth in employment. The data regarding states with the highest employment in each of the ocean sectors is telling: Offshore mineral extraction and marine con-struction activities are highly concen- trated in the Gulf of Mexico, with Texas and Louisiana accounting for three-fourths of the nation?s employ- ment in this ocean sector. The ocean and Great Lakes econ- omy accounts for an additional 132,000 self-employed workers, and these workers received total receipts of $8.0 billion in 2011. In the living resources sector, about 120,000 workers accounted for all the seafood produced in the U.S. Half of these workers (and most  shermen) were self-employed workers. Employment in the living resources sector is concen- trated in activities associated with pro- cessing and marketing seafood. And, at the end of the day, this means work- boats and brown water activities. NOAA does great work. See the April 2014 report: Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW): The U.S. Ocean and Great Lakes Economy in 2011. NOAA Coast- al Services Center: July 201410 MNMN July14 Layout 1-17.indd 10MN July14 Layout 1-17.indd 106/18/2014 3:33:11 PM6/18/2014 3:33:11 PM

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