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ATB Technical Trends

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Crowley. The company?s four operat- ing 550 Class ATBs, delivered between 2002 and 2003 on the West Coast, are by tug: the Sea Reliance, Sound Reliance, Ocean Reliance and Coastal Reliance. Crowley operates ten 650 Class ATBs carrying 185,000 barrels each in the U.S. Gulf and on the East and West Coasts. These vessels can main- tain 12 knots and travel in bad weather. They were designed for modi cation to transport EZ chemicals, including cyclohexane, paraxylene and styrene. The  rst of the company?s 650 Class ATBs was christened in 2006. Tugs in the series are the PaciÞ c Reliance, Gulf Reliance, Resolve, Integrity, Courage, Commitment, Pride, Achievement, In- novation and Vision. Crowley?s newest ATBs, the 750 Class, can carry 330,000 barrels of petroleum products and are the most innovative in its  eet. The company operates three 750 Class ATBs along the U.S. Gulf Coast for Marathon Oil. These tugs are the Legacy, Legend and Liberty . The 750 Class barges are 45,000 deadweight tons and 600 feet in length. All three barges were built by VT Halter Marine in Pascagoula, Miss. The 16,000 horsepower tugs were constructed by Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Wash. Crowley christened the Legacy in New Orleans in 2011 and the Leg-end in Tampa in 2012. Its 17th ATB, the Liberty was christened in May of last year at VT Halter in Pascagou- la. ?Manning on an ATB is greater than on a towed tug and barge, and the real cost of operating an ATB is higher than a towed barge,? Grune said. ?The main reasons we?ve gone to ATBs are to gain some speed, ef -ciency and safety.? Jacksonville-based Crowley Holdings Inc., is a private holding company for 121-year-old Crowley Maritime. The  rm provides transportation and logistics to domes- tic and foreign customers. Moran?s New Builds Followed Acquisitions Moran Towing Corp. in New Ca- naan, Conn. operates six liquid pe-troleum ATBs, along with a dry bulk ATB that was added several years ago, company president Ted Tregurtha Initial work on Harley?s ATB. MN July14 Layout 18-31.indd 31MN July14 Layout 18-31.indd 316/18/2014 3:38:01 PM6/18/2014 3:38:01 PM

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