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ATB Technical Trends

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els. ?We have two ATBs under design now that will burn LNG, and one of them is duel fuel, using diesel and LNG,? Hill said. Looking ahead, ?we have inqui- ries from customers to take delivery in 2016 and 2017,? Hill said. ?The future is very bright domestically and overseas. ATBs are cheaper than using rail. We?re building for oil and chemi- cals. Overseas, the Orient has more than 200 ATBs now.? Today, almost 90 ATB units are ac- tive in North American waters and that number will grow signi cantly in the near term. As many as 10 more can be counted amongst the active order books at the nation?s shipyards. Beyond this, and buoyed by the on- going domestic energy ?boom? and an economics model that works well in Jones Act cabotage trades, it?s virtually certain that this unique transporta- tion system will remain a part of the nation?s intermodal transportation so- lution. There aren?t too many things you can count on in today?s rapidly changing domestic waterfront, but the ATB apparently holds a spot on that short list. Susan Buchanan is a New Orleans- based business writer, specializing in energy, maritime matters, agriculture, the environment and construction. She holds a master?s degree from Cornell University in agricultural economics and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. MN MN July14 Layout 32-49.indd 35MN July14 Layout 32-49.indd 356/20/2014 3:16:00 PM6/20/2014 3:16:00 PM

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