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ATB Technical Trends

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to meet our customer?s operational and cargo capacity re- quirements.? Also exciting is the prospect for yet another use for the versatile, economical and enduring ATB. The EB-2000 LNG is just one of several LNG barge de- signs developed by EBDG for clients to meet growing de- mand for ef cient and cost-effective refueling of LNG pow- ered vessels. The innovative 257 ft. EB-2000 was designed for either an ATB or towed con guration, and features a marine diesel fuel cargo tank for refueling duel fuel vessels. LNG: Cost, Economics and Logistics Recent data reveals that LNG in the U.S. is now more than 50% less expensive on an energy-equivalent basis than marine residual fuel and marine distillate fuel. And, while no one can say for sure that this price advantage will contin- ue, the obvious environmental bene ts and possible boost to the bottom line has led to a sustained commitment to build-ing dual fuel, gas ready and LNG powered merchant vessels. Separately, the Port of Pittsburgh Commission in May began soliciting proposals to provide research support for a liquid natural gas project for the Pittsburgh marine-corridor by developing cost/bene t analyses and identifying shore- side and midstream refueling requirements. The effort will evaluate the possible business opportunities that might be- come available to inland waterway stakeholders should liquid natural gas be introduced as an alternative fuel for regional towboats Like the bluewater projects already announced, momentum is building for the possible conversion of inland workboats from diesel to natural gas propulsion. In fact, there are currently more than 40 vessels in North America that are under development or evaluation for conversion to LNG fuel. Any and all that come to fruition will need bunkers. There are more than a few LNG / Dual Fuel deep draft vessels on the books in U.S. yards today. They will all even- tually need a reliable, local and reputable source of bunkers. Curt Leffers, referring to EBDG?s own design, said, ?There will eventually be opportunities for bunkering barge servic- es in the paci c northwest, gulf coast, great lakes, and in the southeast region.? He declined to discuss speci cs, saying only, ?Although we?ve designed several LNG ATB vessels for external customers, we do not have yet a customer that has placed an order with a shipyard.? The EBDG ConceptAs a concept and design idea ? the dual fuel tug, rigidly connected to the LNG bunker barge and using boil-off gas in the process ? was not originated at EBDG. According to ED- BG?s Leffers, ?This concept has been a topic of discussion in the industry and is attractive from the standpoint of boil off MN July14 Layout 32-49.indd 37MN July14 Layout 32-49.indd 376/18/2014 3:41:17 PM6/18/2014 3:41:17 PM

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