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ATB Technical Trends

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The objective of the report is to pro- vide guidance to potential owners and operators of gas-fueled vessels, as well as LNG bunkering vessels and facili- ties, in order to help them obtain reg- ulatory approval for projects. Horses for CoursesThe ATB has been around for a long time, with as many as 75 in operation today in North American waters and another eight on the order books in domestic shipyards. Popular in Jones Act and niche domestic trade routes, the ATB, with its reduced crewing levels, has a bright future especially if shortsea shipping gets another kickstart in the near future. And, of course, another promising outlet for this style of transportation includes use as an LNG bunkering platform. The EBDG version adds its own twist to the mix. ?One of the special design features that our 2000 CBM LNG ATB has is a diesel tank. This allows for  exibility in operation and services for the vessel owner, said Leffers, adding, ?We have been designing around the Intercon coupler systems for our ATB designs.? Beyond this, he said, ATB?s are being considered for many concepts; shortsea shipping, container-on-barge for niche ports among them. ?EBDG?s engineers have been brainstorming a variety of ATB applications with customers.? The Way Forward Leffers left MarineNews with a clear idea of where he and EBDG think things are headed next ? and they in- tend to be there. ?The way that the market is trending with LNG fueled vessel orders, the use of LNG bunker barges will be important in the fuel supply chain. Flexibility in operation is an important aspect of barge design.? Natural gas, as a marine fuel, is strongly supported and endorsed by the Obama Administration. FMC Commissioner Doyle, speak- ing last month at the Vancouver-based LNG conference, also left no doubt as to where he thinks things are going. ?As this fuel source is taking hold in the commercial U.S. domestic coast- wise trade, it is now gaining traction in the inland waterway system and the international container trade.? He added, for emphasis, ?Appropri- ate, safe and secure bunkering opera- tions are mission-critical to a success- ful LNG marine fuel program.? Just a few miles to the south, Elliott Bay Design Group is already working to ensure just that. VESSEL MN 39MN July14 Layout 32-49.indd 39MN July14 Layout 32-49.indd 396/18/2014 3:41:43 PM6/18/2014 3:41:43 PM

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