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Polar Bear – An Alaskan-based Landing Craft

They are currently used to haul cargo and heavy equip- ment, or even serve as a drilling platform. With a width of 34 ft. the landing craft had a capacity of 220 tons, this vessel has been lengthened of 155 feet with an increased capacity of 280 tons. Certi? ed by the Coast Guard in April 2014, it has a top speed of 14 knots and is billed as the fastest boat of its kind along the west coast. In this ser-

There is a high demand for landing crafts along the Alas- vice, reliable engines are required. Schwartz, a long term kan coast. Thanks to their special design they are the opti- MAN customer, chose to repower its vessel in December mal ? t for the tides of the northernmost state in the Unit- 2013 with the two worldwide ? rst installed MAN D2862 ed States. German emigrant Peter Schwartz – founder of LE421 heavy duty engines. The V-twelve cylinder engines “Alaska Marine Transportation & Salvage” (AMTS) – built generate an output of 900 hp each at 1,800 rpm. The the “Polar Bear” in 1989. 2013, the vessel was repowered D2862, like all MAN V engines of the latest common rail with two MAN D2862 LE421 heavy duty engines and is generation, meets the U.S. emission standard for commer- now not only compliant with the latest EPA Tier 3 emis- cial use EPA Tier 3. The twelve cylinder engine for heavy sion regulations, but also the fastest boat of its kind along duty applications also sets a new benchmark for fuel con- the American west coast. Landing craft, although devel- sumption. With 212 g/kWh, the total cost of ownership oped as military vessels, are also particularly well-suited to is remarkably low. Beyond this and in order to fully utilize

Alaskan coastal areas. In Alaska, there are only a few ports the vessels capacity, the engine room has to be as small as and most do not even have docks. Special vessels are often possible. With its compact design and light weight of only required to deliver goods. Landing crafts ful? ll these needs. 5004 lbs, the twelve cylinder diesel engine ? t perfectly.

Polar Bear at a Glance …

Launch: Repower December 2013Shipyard: AMTS (Tacoma)Length: 155’ Draft: 5’

Engine: 2x MAN D2862 LE421 Speed: 14 kt Beam: 34’ Crew: 4

The Marine Pumper: 13 years later, still going strong

MetalCraft Marine’s FireStorm 40 is a no compromise pumper. And the Anne Arundel Fire Department, which took delivery of it FS 40 in 2002, is ample testimony to the fact that this robust and unique design is still going strong.

MetalCraft continues to build the dependable and now fa- miliar vessels, delivering one hull to the St. Louis Fire De- partment in 2014 last year and at present, they are building two vessels for the Vancouver Fire Department in British GPM at 150 PSI and 4,800 GPM at 60 PSI. A remote op-

Columbia. The pumping arrangement enables the boat to erated monitor mounted on the roof provides the primary pump water for ? re suppression at maximum capacity while ? re? ghting capability from a dedicated console within the maintaining maneuverability. This allows the boat to act as cabin and secondary monitor(s) is mounted on the bow. a hydrant with an endless supply of water for supporting Two 2.5” discharges and a 5” Storz outlet are ? tted on the land units while remaining on station under its own power. aft deck. Twin diesel inboard engines matched to water-jet

One primary patient care berth with specialized storage for propulsion units can propel the boat to speeds of 38 knots ? re, response and medical equipment is incorporated into and allow the boat to perform emergency stops and change the cabin. There is a full cuddy with head and sink and direction within two boat lengths. The added beam and two secondary patient care berths for emergency response. length produce an over wide ratio providing a massive aft

When ? tted with two 1750 GPM rated ? re? ghting pumps work deck that has a heavy loading capacity and greater the FireStorm 40 can produce ? ow meter results of 4,000 performance under loaded conditions.

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