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Virtual Marine Technology

ZF Thrusters:

Provides Lifeboat Simulator

Proven Performers for Rowan Companies

Offshore vessels operating in rough

Virtual Marine Technology (VMT) conditions need reliable and robust recently provided its SurvivalQuest propulsion. ZF Marine Propul- lifeboat simulator training system sion Systems develops and pro- to Rowan Companies, a provider of duces a multitude of 360° steerable contract offshore drilling services. azimuth thrusters and transverse

The lifeboat simulator will be used tunnel thrusters for all kind of ap-

Custom Offshore Winches to provide enhanced lifeboat launch plications throughout the marine for Fugro and recovery training to lifeboat op- industry. Thruster units can be Damen Maaskant Shipyards has erators and crews and will comple- furnished with electric, diesel or delivered two dedicated offshore ment weekly safety drills. The sys- hydraulic drive winches to Fugro, the world’s larg- tem also trains users in emergency systems. The ZF est integrated supplier of survey and situations speci? c to Rowan’s off- 4011 RT is a re- geotechnical related services. The shore emergency response plans. tractable thruster Dutch shipyard was responsible for providing high the design, engineering and manu- maneuverability facturing of the two winches. Bosch and station-keep- Rexroth delivered the hydraulic ing capability. drive system. Classi? ed by DNV

GL, the two winches meet the very highest offshore standards.

Kidde Fire Systems: Multi-

Language ARIES NETLink

Kidde Fire Systems now offers a multi-language version of the AR-

IES NETLink Multi-Loop Intelli- gent Fire Alarm-Suppression Control

Unit, which supports French, Span-

New RICOH NV-10A ish and Portuguese, in addition to binoculars penetrate fog,

English. Designed for a broader, non- smoke and darkness

English speaking audience and for

Ricoh Americas’ RICOH NV-10A

Newthex Watertight Doors use where UL/FM-listed products are digital binoculars penetrate fog,

Newthex watertight sliding doors accepted, the new ARIES NetLink smoke, rain, providing crisp, clear im- are installed on many superyachts. enables Kidde channel partners to in- ages. The enhanced binoculars enable

The Polder door is an aluminum teract with and con? gure the control marine, military, rescue, and home- electrically operated watertight slid- unit in the language of their region. land security users to push a button ing door used below the waterline www.kidde? and clarify, brighten and sharpen in bulkheads, as it can withstand a images. The RICOH NV-10A digi- water pressure of 7 mwc. The door tal binoculars capture still and video has a low weight and is very com- images of scenes and advanced stabi- pact. Monitoring of the status of lization further improves image clar- the door is done by way of a panel ity. Infrared technology lights up the in the wheelhouse. faintest scenes in the dark.

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