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USMI produces RIBS for navies boats are generally used for ? eet protection in harbors or

United States Marine, Inc., in Gulfport, MS has deliv- ports.” Beyond this, the company’s vessels are used by law ered, over time, 250 11-meter Naval Special Warfare Rigid enforcement units in city, county and state agencies. “Many

In? atable Boats, or NSWRIBs, to U.S. government agen- of them are in support of port security or other grants for cies and friendly, foreign navies in Asia, the Middle East ? re boats in counties in the Paci? c Northwest,” Blocher and Scandinavia since this craft was ? rst manufactured in said. North River Boats reports a “healthy” backlog of boats 1996,” Barry Dreyfus, Jr., the company’s CEO, said. He to be built with deliveries stretching into the spring of 2016.

added, “Under a current U.S. contract, valued at up to $18 million with Naval Sea Systems Command, we’ll provide Euro Marine hopes to meet FMS rules these craft until August 2019. In addition, USMI continues Euro Marine Ltd., based in Florida and the British Virgin to receive contracts for FMS sales of these boats to various Islands, produces 20-meter PI-65s – offshore and coastal pa- foreign navies.” The 11-meter NSWRIB is versatile, trans- trol, interdiction and surveillance craft – in the Netherlands. portable and air deployable, Florane said. Its uses include The vessels are commonly used for ? re and rescue and law insertion and interdiction missions and vessel boarding. enforcement. Bill Rigby of Euro Marine told MarineNews in May, “We’re in discussions to build and equip them with U.S

North River supplies local agencies, military manufactured, marine gas-turbine engines to satisfy govern-

North River Boats in Roseburg, Oregon has also been ment contract requirements for domestic material content,” busy “This year and next, we have orders for – or have He adds, “We’re looking to build in the States, and we hope to delivered – 21 law-enforcement, patrol and military boats meet FMS program and also U.S commercial requirements.” in various sizes and con? gurations,” sales director Mike PI-65s are designed to operate in severe offshore weather and

Blocher said. “Five of them are smaller, law-enforcement sea conditions. “With their 3’10” draft, these boats can han- vessels in the 21 to 24 foot range. Eleven of them are pri- dle shallow waters, following the bad guys where others may marily for law enforcement and patrol, and range from 26 fear to go,” Rigby says. The company’s vessel sales are forecast to 38 feet in length.” Most of these boats have twin or at roughly 60 million Euros for 2015 to 2017.

triple outboard propulsion, various electronics suites and law-enforcement-speci? c options. Nearly all the compa- Tampa Yacht Manufacturing ny’s vessels perform several missions. Not to be outdone, Tampa Yacht Manufacturing recently “We have completed or are building ? ve boats under sep- announced the delivery of four (4) 50-FAC, Fast Attack arate contracts for the U.S. military – including the Navy, Craft to South Asian Border Security Forces. The vessels the Air Force and one vessel for the Army – ranging in size are to be used in clandestine operations in remote areas of from 36 to 38 feet,” Blocher said. “The majority of them operation. The 50-FAC is a tactically sized (50 foot), recon- are part of our Valor (Force Protection) series, generally with ? gurable, combatant craft capable of operating from land or twin or triple outboard propulsion systems. Our military maritime platforms. Well suited to provide Patrol, surveil-

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