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The Coast Guard option is a traditional inspection less detail. Every 2-½ years, the vessel will undergo a pe- scheme. USCG inspector(s) will come aboard annually riodic inspection which is the same as the certi? cation and inspect your vessel. This inspection will include all inspection. A Health and Safety Plan must also be devel- of your safety equipment and systems. These inspections oped and implemented and inspectors will audit it for will be the same as though for certi? cation, but will cover compliance.

Whatever route you choose, there are a lot of things to consider, BY THE NUMBERS: 2: Number of years allowed to create TSMS, approved by a 3rd Party.

4: Years from date of TSMS certi? cate to bring all owned vessels under TSMS and obtain COI.

5: Number of years the new COI would be valid for.

25: Percentage subject to signi? cant economic impact (>1% or revenue) in years 1 & 2.

26: Expected Cutoff LOA of exempted vessels in feet (unless towing barge/or dangerous bulk cargo).

175: Minimum number of additional auditors needed throughout inland waterways.ays.

1,059: Number of Owners & Operators that will incur ‘signi? cant costs.’ 5,208: Number of vessels owned and operated by these companies.

32,000: Estimated minimum cost in USD of a drydocking.

33 100,000: Minimum estimated cost in USD to start an SMS from the ground up.

Percentage of existing 143,000: Minimum estimated high cost to bring an existing SMS into compliance.

companies (attrition) that 251,626: Industry hours expended in ? rst 3 years compliance in subchapter M.

may cease to exist as a 12 Million: Estimated cost in USD to Government to implement subchapter M.

result of subchapter M.

153 Million: Estimated eventual cost in USD to industry.

256 Million: Estimated (safety) bene? t to industry in USD as a result of subchapter M.

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