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Inland Waterways

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REGULATORY WATCH “Since the US Coast Guard, which is based upon the Water Pollution

Control Act of 1970 amended 1972, issued 33CFR159 in 1975. Very little has changed in 40 years for the vessels operating United States waterways. Perhaps the major change is that greywater is now considered sewage on the Great Lakes.” – Robert Rebori, CEO & President of Scienco/FAST

States. Beyond this, remember that most line towboats do ate and design today’s workboats that when it comes to not come in to dock but stay in midstream while tugs add MSD capacities, size does matter. That Type II system, de- and remove barges from their tows. Hence, the opportu- pending on the model that you choose, could take up half nity to do anything except ‘treat on board’ rarely presents of your machinery space. It doesn’t have to, according to itself. That doesn’t make compliance any easier, nor does it Fleischer – a subject matter expert on MSD’s – but at the lessen the laundry list of regulatory requirements hanging same time, he says, it does need to handle more volume over all aspects of industry, like the proverbial Sword of than you probably know.

Damocles. Scienco/FAST is an original equipment manufacturer

For wastewater treatment application manufacturers, specializing in marine sewage devices, environmentally- therefore, the market spans newbuild construction, system friendly cleaners and other industrial water management upgrades, and retro

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