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Salvage & Spill Response

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Matthew Paxton


Shipbuilders Council of

America (SCA) atthew Paxton is President of the Shipbuilders

Describe the state of U.S. shipbuilding today. Give us a SITREP, if you will.

Council of America (SCA), and a partner at the law ? rm of Adams and Reese. SCA is the national Overall the state of U.S. shipbuilding and ship repair in-

M trade association representing 41 companies that own and dustry is strong. Commercial markets vary, however. Yards operate more than 120 shipyard facilities on all three U.S. building and repairing for the offshore oil and gas markets coasts, the Great Lakes, inland waterways system, Alaska are feeling the impacts of the declining price of oil in the and Hawaii. SCA also represents 97 partner members that world market. Yet other markets continue to build; large provide goods and services to the shipyard industry. Pax- vessel construction for vessels moving oil product as well as ton, who has been practicing law since 2001, focuses his the recapitalization of the non-contiguous container ? eets, practice on maritime law and policy, ? sheries law, natural are delivering vessels. The movement of energy in particular resources development, and environmental policy issues. has inspired investment in cutting edge, environmentally

In addition to the SCA presidency in which Paxton works friendly vessels that are leading the world in innovation and with member CEOs to develop and implement the orga- technology. On the military side, the effects of sequestra- nization’s policy goals through legislation in Congress and tion continue to be a challenge, but SCA is working dili- advocacy before the Executive branch, he also serves as the gently to protect the industry from potential future cuts in federal lobbyist for the Coastal Conservation Association, defense spending. The safety and security of our nation the nation’s largest marine conservation group dedicated and those who risk their lives to protect our homeland is to promoting the availability of coastal resources for the our upmost priority. As national security threats continue bene? t of the general public. Paxton earned his J.D., in to arise globally, we need to ensure that our men and wom- 2001, from Willamette University College of Law, and he en in uniform have access to the equipment they need to received his B.A., in 1997, in political science from the do their jobs safely and effectively. Sen. John McCain and

University of Washington. Listen in as he weighs in on Congressman Mac Thornberry – co-chairman of the Sen- all things shipbuilding – especially where it impacts our ate and House Armed Services Committees – memorialized domestic, Jones Act audience. this sentiment recently in the Wall Street Journal writing,

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