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Salvage & Spill Response

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MARITIME SECURITY crowded ? eld for today’s domestic boatbuilders and wide range of mission pro? les including dive support, ? re a highly competitive marketplace ? nds builders try- rescue, port operations, law enforcement, and defense.

ing to position their output and designs to a place For ? re? ghting, twin dedicated drive engines channel up

A that separates them from the pack. One place to do just to 6,000 total gallons per minute through an oversized wa- that is in the market for maritime security workboats, par- ter main where electronic valves divert water to three RF- ticularly when it comes to local, state and municipal buyers. controlled monitors. Four additional 2.5” hydrant connec-

Municipal and state buyers want a great deal for their tions and a 400-gallon foam reservoir provide maximum declining budget dollars. In response, builders are sharpen- ? exibility across the full spectrum of ? re? ghting needs. ing their pencils and putting together vessels that offer not And, with a roomy pilothouse featuring 360-visibility, and only bang for the buck, but also multi-missioned vehicles bunking capacity for multiple crew, the 75 Endurance is designed to leverage a single hull into one that can perform ideal for multi-agency coordination. The latest version is the duties of three. Two builders, Louisiana-based Metal equipped with a positive-pressure Chemical, Biological,

Shark and California-based Moose Boats, go about the task Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) in a slightly different manner, but with similar, impressive ventilation system for crew protection.

results. Either way, cashed strapped public sector law en- As currently out? tted, the vessel can do double duty as a forcement and security stakeholders may have just found a multi-purpose municipal vessel. Josh Stickles, Metal Shark’s way to get the job done, without sacri? cing performance. Director of Marketing, explains, “Our 75’ Endurance was designed as a multi-use platform that may be custom con- ? gured to support a wide range of missions, with a focus

The Metal Shark 75 Endurance Catamaran

Billed as a dual-purpose custom ? reboat, Command & on ? re? ghting capability. This particular boat is a ‘multi-

Control and Multiuse Port Security Boat, the Metal Shark purpose port security and response vessel’ set up for Fire

Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Port Security missions.” 75 recently built for the port of South Louisiana is pow-

According to Stickles, there is robust demand for alumi- ered by twin Caterpillar C-18 diesel inboards with a con- ventional straight shaft drive system. The 75’ Endurance num catamaran designs across this sector. He told Marine- can also be equipped with straight shaft inboards, water News in September, “We’ve seen demand for this type of jets, or pod propulsion systems. Incorporating the latest vessel across numerous markets where stability and maxi- technology to support ? re rescue missions, command and mum deck workspace are key considerations. Due to its wide beam, a catamaran hull surpasses a monohull vessel control (C2) operations, and around-the-clock port secu- rity efforts, the vessel can be custom-con? gured to suit a of comparable length in both of these areas. On this par-

Endurance 75 at a Glance …

Length, Boat Only: 75’ Engines: Twin Cat C-18 diesel inboards Beam: 24'

Foam Storage: 400 gallons Fire? ghting Stream: 6,000 gpm Hull Draft: 50

Fuel: Dual 600 Gallon Tanks Draft (shaft propulsion): 50” Range: 500 miles

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