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Salvage & Spill Response

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SKYDEX Boat Decking on RHIB with shock mitigation seating

John Haynes is an Associate Fellow of h A llf the Nautical Institute, a Yachtmaster

Ocean and Advanced Powerboat

Instructor. Subject matter expertise includes high speed craft consultancy, product development and specialist training. He is Operations Director of Shock Mitigation, providing

WBV Awareness training www. and founder of the RIB & High Speed Craft

Directory that brings together specialist boats and equipment for the sub IMO / sub 24 metre professional sector worldwide www. dampen vibration on high speed craft. levels of shock. For example, in a wave

The objective is to reduce the potential impact situation, particularly in the for injury and protect equipment when dark, the human body cannot react exposed to wave slam events. fast enough to protect itself from the

James Taylor, President & CEO of shock. Skydex reacts instantly to the

Skydex Technologies, told Marine- forces, plus the technology works in all

News, “Skydex has developed prod- axes to reduce the effect on the human ucts that excel in harsh environments body whether the boat is landing verti- and our technology has been em- cally, into head seas or even side on.” ployed extensively around the world. Impact mitigating decking can be

The technology that we bring to particularly bene? cial on boats with the marine market is the same that leaning posts and on boats with ? xed we have supplied as blast mitigation jockey or straddle seats where the oc- ? ooring to protect the occupants in cupants stand in rough conditions. over 20,000 military vehicles.” Even ‘feet on the deck’ suspension

Skydex Boat Deck is available in a seats require the occupant to use their range of products, from 14 to 50mm leg muscles and carry a percentage of thickness, based on the level of deck body weight on the deck, this can re- coverage and mitigation required. sult in a signi? cant weight on one leg

This can be ? tted on new boats or as particularly in crossing or side on seas.

a retro? t solution. The technology le- A holistic approach to shock miti- verages elastomers and proprietary ge- gation solutions on the water can im- ometries to create a multiphase spring prove comfort and reduce the effects that is engineered to react differently of shock and vibration on the human to various levels of impact. body for crew and passengers. For

Peter Foley, Chief Technology Of? - professional ‘Riders on the Storm,’ cer of Skydex Technologies, explained, this can minimize downtime from in- “Skydex works differently than foam juries and extend the working life of and is tuned to react to the expected maritime professionals.

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