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Salvage & Spill Response

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VESSELS Boat of the Month

The Gobbler

A unique vessel designed to address a wide range of oil spill scenarios.

In collaboration with Naval Architects Laurent Giles coveted 150 nautical mile structural offshore certi? cation.

Ltd, a team of boatbuilders has developed a ? berglass re- This permits installation aboard commercial tankers, as sponse vessel that rapidly and effectively recovers spilled well as the capability to conduct operations in polluted oil. The boat, introduced earlier this year, underwent tank offshore and/or coastal waters.

testing over a continuous six month period – in sea states Billed as a revolutionary way to help combat oil spills, varying from calm to 2.5 meters – at the Wolfson Institute UK-based Gobbler Boats Ltd has proven that the vessel of Marine Technology, Southampton University UK. With that can remove light and heavy oils from water surfaces in a ? nal design that is Lloyds approved for use 60 nautical offshore and coastal environments. Carrying nine unique miles from shore or the mother ship, the vessel and project patents, both granted and pending in the UK and United have full backing of Lloyds Registry and the “Clean Seas” States, the Gobbler is small, easily transportable, light-

Environmental Program. The vessel’s creators have also ap- weight, highly maneuverable, environmentally friendly, plied for U.S. Coast Guard approvals. safe and simple to operate with minimum crew/opera-

Reportedly, a critical priority for the design team re- tional costs. Ideal for operations at new oil ? eld sites with volved around work with Lloyd’s Register to achieve the no pipelines ashore, it is especially useful around storage/

Recovery Rate: 16 tph Recovery Capacity: 2,674 bpd LOA: 8.85 meters

Endurance: 120 nm Bladder Capacity: up to 3,500 gallons Tons: 3.25 tonnes

Top Speed: 23 KT Fuel Capacity: 360 liters Design Approval: LR 49 MN

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