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Golight’s Model GXL 4021

MagnaShear Motor Brakes

LED Work Light

MagnaShear motor brakes from

Golight’s sturdy model GXL 4021

Force Control Industries employ ? xed-position LED work light mea- oil shear technology, providing lon- sures just 4.5” by 4” inches tall, has a ger service life even in demanding depth of only 3.5” and comes with a 2” dredging applications like hoist lad- stainless steel mounting bracket. The ders, cutterhead ladders, and more.

GXL 4021 represents the company’s

Proven oil shear technology trans- expansion of its permanently mount- mits torque between lubricated sur- ed, manually adjustable LED work faces – thereby eliminating wear on lights and is the smallest of the four

Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Power friction surfaces. A patented ? uid lights it now offers in that category.

recirculation system dissipates heat A vessel with a Torqeedo Deep Blue – eliminating heat build-up which drive is emission free and can be used is the most common problem in dry on environmentally sensitive waters. braking systems. Deep Blue provides input power of up to 65 kW and delivers the same propulsive power as an 80 hp gas outboard. It employs high-perfor- mance lithium batteries, which have been modi? ed to excel in demand- ing marine applications and carry a nine-year capacity warranty.

Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC Ferguson Group’s Bunded

Offshore Tank

Welding, Cutting Curriculum

Ferguson Group’s bunded tanks

Lincoln Electric ‘s U/LINC, a com- are used where HSE mandates a plete curriculum of lesson plans, vid- bunded area, but there is insuf? - eos, student handouts, assessment cient space to provide this. There- tests, and presentations is designed fore they are ideal for places such to streamline the teaching experience as vessels, platforms, jack ups and and free welding school instructors

Elebia Continues Evolution of rigs. The new bunded T11 chemi- from curriculum development. The

Automatic Safety Hook Range cal tanks are made of 316 stainless subscription-based online learning

Elebia has made available two major steel, have a 4-bar working pressure, management system allows instruc- enhancements to its automatic hook with a payload of 5900 kg and a tors at training centers to focus on range, which keeps crane operators maximum gross weight of 8500 kg. teaching in the classroom, rather and those responsible for rigging at a than spend hours developing custom safe distance when connecting loads curriculum from available sources. to lifting equipment. The patented

Elebia hook is equipped with a mag- net that both attracts and positions slings and other rigging gear. Now, safety and productivity is further im- proved with optional additions—a new remote control system called the eMax and a load cell.

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