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Employment in the transport sectors has grown since The Environment: Trucking accounts for 77 percent 2000, with only air transport experiencing a decline in of freight emissions with rail a distant second. It shouldn’t employee numbers. Between 2000 and 2014, air trans- be surprising that the mode that emits the cleanest envi- port declined by 28.2 percent. Average hourly wages ronmental signature per ton-mile is the marine industry. for different freight-related occupations vary widely. In Regulatory pressures during this time have cleaned up that 2014, ship engineers and captains and pilots of water signature even more. Water Quality is affected by oil spills vessels were among the highest paid freight transporta- from vessels and facilities. In 2014, vessel related spills tion occupations. The highest wage occupations employ accounted for 40.9 percent of total gallons spilled. But, relatively few workers, while lower-wage occupations ac- while the amount of oil spilled annually varies consider- count for millions of workers. The waterfront remains a ably, data shows a marked decrease in spills since 1990. pretty good place to make a living. The marine industry has much to be proud of in this way.

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