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INSIGHTS the development, defense, and execution of the Civil Works

Program across the twelve states served by the Mississippi

Valley Division. He provided leadership and supervision for the Programs Directorate with regional staff oversight for programs, planning, operations, real estate, and project management activities in the Division’s six subordinate Dis- trict commands located in St. Paul, Rock Island, St. Louis,

Memphis, Vicksburg, and New Orleans. Belk has exten- sive experience in the development and delivery of large, complex water resource solutions (including navigation, ? ood risk management, coastal restoration, and ecosystem restoration sectors) across the full spectrum of program life cycle (planning, design, real estate acquisition, environ- mental compliance, construction, and operation/mainte- nance). Along the way, he has shown himself to be adept

Edward E. Belk at developing and strengthening strategic relationships at the local, regional, and national levels. These relationships

Chief, Operations and enable mission execution and program delivery. Notably,

Belk has also completed two tours in Iraq in support of Op-

Regulatory Division eration Iraqi Freedom, where he served as the senior U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers civilian in the seven Provinces

Directorate of Civil Works, of northern Iraq and senior advisor to the Commander,

Gulf Region North District, with headquarters initially

U.S. Army Corps in Mosul and later in Tikrit. Belk holds Master of Science in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science in of Engineers

Civil Engineering, both from Christian Brothers Univer- sity. Additionally, he is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Mississippi. A recipient of many signi? cant dward E. Belk, Jr. currently serves as the Chief of Op- awards during his tenure at USACE, there is arguably no erations and Regulatory Division for the U.S. Army other individual within the USACE with more knowledge

Corps of Engineers at Corps Headquarters in Wash-

E and experience in the effort to properly maintain, upgrade ington, D.C. He also provides leadership and oversight for and improve our inland waterways. Listen in this month as activities and programs within the Corps’ Lakes and Rivers and North Atlantic Regional Integration Teams. Selected Edward Belk weighs in on the USACE mission, its goals, by the Secretary of the Army into the Senior Executive successes, and the many challenges that still loom ahead.

Service in May 2012, Mr. Belk provides national over-

Tell us a little about USACE: How many individuals are sight of the development, resourcing, and delivery of Op- under your umbrella – civilian and uniformed?

erations and Maintenance (O&M) programs for the Civil

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) employees

Works infrastructure portfolio and for Corps operational about 37,000 dedicated civilians and Soldiers that deliver programs such as hydroelectric power, public recreation, engineering services to customers in more than 90 countries.

environmental restoration, wildlife management, and the regulatory oversight of waterways and wetlands. Previous to

What is your primary mission? Where are you head- quartered?

this, Belk served as Director of Programs for the Mississippi

Valley Division (MVD) and Mississippi River Commission Headquartered in Washington, D.C., USACE pro- (MRC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He was the principal ad- vides vital public engineering services in peace and war to visor to the Commander, MVD, and President, MRC, for strengthen our Nation’s security, energize the economy,

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