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REGIONAL FOCUS: EAST COAST USA ef? ciency, battery life and the use of several proposed dock an emission free and sustainable system of moving goods locations in Long Island and Connecticut. In all of the into and around the local economy they have embraced. tested routes, the vessel can deliver the required cargo in In 2011, the Lower Hudson & Long Island Resource nearly half the time required along the congested land Conservation and Development Council completed the based routes. Hudson River Foodway Corridor Study sponsored by NY-

Taking into account the ‘gentri? cation’ of the Connecti- SERDA. 36,000 farms and 7 million acres of farmland cut ‘Gold Coast,’ the Hybrid cargo vessel will be quiet, were identi? ed in the study. The value of the products sold fuel-ef? cient and without exhaust emission while carrying was estimated at $4.4 billion. As much as 75% of the farms local farm produce, dairy, wine and meat products on re- were identi? ed as family owned and had annual sales be- frigerated pallets. The vessel’s maximum draft is less than low $50,000 simply due to the fact that they could not get 4’6” and is easily accepted at Marinas, Yachting centers, their products to consumers in New York City. As a result,

Ferry terminals or industry based working berths. Door to 670,000 acres of farmland have been lost between 2000 and door delivery will be completed by Pedago Lithium electric 2010. Similar conditions were found in Connecticut as the bikes, capable of 400 pounds of cargo carriage and by small geographical relationship of point of farm origin compared

EV vehicle where longer distance delivery is required. to consumer and wealth location created logistics issues. An

Bluezone refrigeration technology allowing extended ef? cient marine transportation system can open new mar- storage periods of the organic products both aboard the kets along the Hudson River corridor of Marine Highway vessel and at the distribution centers is also employed. A re- 87 and across Long Island Sound on Marine Highway 295. tail farm-to-table retail market and butcher shop has been The Harbor Harvest Hybrid vessel provides that ef? ciency successfully introduced in East Norwalk, Connecticut to and looks to service those new markets.

allow a vertical integration of revenue from distribution, Amendments have been added to recent Marine High- delivery services, product transportation and retail sales. way legislation to allow parcel cargo movements within

The retail center has been featured in Modern Farmer, the designated projects. Existing legislation targeted only con-

Connecticut Northeast Organic Farmers Association and tainers and domestic trailers. The movement of parcel car- several Connecticut local news programs to rave reviews. go by pallet or box is handled by LTL (Less than Full Load) trucking and that market provides a more stable playing ? eld for the movement of parcel cargo on water. There

The Cargo and Trade Routes

The millennium generation is returning to the cities are limited LTL trucking services that provide refriger- ated movements and the roadway congestion, bridge tolls, and neighborhood small businesses in an attempt to re- duce their carbon footprint. They live, shop, eat and play parking issues and diesel emissions have both extended the time required to complete a Connecticut to Long Island or where they can walk to work, ride their bike to the Farm- ers Market or use mass transit to meet their long distance a Kingston to New York City movement which in turn has increased the quoted price. The marine Hybrid movement transportation needs. The environmental bene? t that ac- companies this ‘Local’ mentality needs to also translate is now cost and time competitive.

Based upon previous attempts to move freight off the into our maritime transportation systems. We owe them

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