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Paul Welling,

Regional Sales Director, On charts and publications can be or- dered. Once the licenses are purchased

Board Systems, Americas and applied, the charts are available.

Navi-Planner allows for complete management of all electronic charts certain bridges.

“The other part of Navi-Planner is and with the click of a button, navi- gators can select charts based on area if a ship owner wants to do some of or route. The system works both in a his own planning in the of? ce, we can bridge environment and ashore as a give him the software package where he can upload it to his of? ce comput- management and planning tool.

Weather can also be downloaded, er and do the planning from there,” so navigators can view both actual adds Welling. “Not a lot of manufac- weather conditions as well as weather turers have that capability.” during the intended voyage to help with fuel and speed optimization as Fleet Optimization: Multiple well as situational awareness. “There Routes to the Promised Land

What if you could manage your pur- are many parameters the system needs such as the size of the vessel, shape of chasing more ef? ciently, more closely the hull, etc., so that it can calculate track the personnel and quali? cations the most optimized voyage for the necessary on each unique hull, satisfy ship,” says Welling. “The captain, of regulatory requirements and better course, still has the ? nal word. He can plan a more ef? cient, economical and speedy route to your next port of call? take the system’s advice or ignore it.”

A tide and current planner is also All of that is possible, and more. How you get there is your business – and part of the software, and naviga- tors can also create their own maps, the concern of multiple technology providers in this space. In a challeng- reference points and “No-Go” ar- ing business environment made even eas. Routes will take environmen- tal boundaries into consideration to more dif? cult by a regulatory hammer ensure compliance. Under Keel and that is poised to come down on any

Overhead Clearance calculations help number of fronts, you can use all the navigators set parameters for certain help you can get. Fortunately, it’s all shallow passages and transiting under there for the asking.

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