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MarineNews March 2016 • Volume 27 Number 3

INSIGHTS 12 Edward E. Belk Chief, Operations and Regulatory Division Direc- torate of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

REGULATORY WATCH 18 The (Updated) Responsible Carrier Program A Primer: (...and Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger).

By (Captain) Katharine Sweeney

Credit: Transas

Features 32 Tech Savvy Operators Turn to


Software Based Solutions Optimizing ? eet operations means streamlining proce- 28 One Small Step towards dures to meet impending regulatory pressures and chal-

Sustainable Coastal Shipping lenging market conditions alike. Shortsea Shipping is alive and well on America’s

East Coast. By Kathy A. Smith

By Robert Kunkel 38 Tidewater’s Unique Workboats Tackle

Equally Challenging Waters The Columbia and Snake River system of waterways demands special equipment, dedicated mariners and local service.

By Kathy A. Smith 4HE

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