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COATINGS & CORROSION “The product contains a healing agent. The ion comes from corrosion. It is a triggering mechanism for releasing the healing agent against the corrosion. We are not adding mass to paint; the density of the paint is the same – we are not adding mass so it won’t increase weight, decrease the weight in thickness, or create a dragging effect.” – Battelle Senior Battelle Research Scientist Ram Lalgudi crease weight, decrease the weight in thickness, or create a dragging effect.”

For a vessel coming in for a sched-

Type II uled dry dock, blast and recoat job,

Marine Sanita!on Device shipyards have options as to how to

U.S. Coastguard Cered • I.M.O. Cered apply the coating. Lalgudi says that the product would typically be mixed into the standard coating, but, he adds, “It is mixed in but you could get the same performance if you applied it directly.

It’s customizable. You can mix in with paint or use as a standalone, but lo- gistically, we’re minimizing labor costs • Constructed of HD High Density Polythylene and procedure by working with paint • Lightweight manufacturers and putting it directly • 4, 12, 16 & 32 Person Systems • Corrosion free into the paint.” • Maintenance Free

To date, the new Battelle coating • Simple Installa!on has not been used on a marine vessel or • Operates as a Biological AerobicSewage

Treatment, Elimina!ng Foul Odors been demonstrated in the real world. • Conforms to the Clean Water Act

The ? nal aim is to eventually integrate the technology into a marine coating with ultimate objective of extending the life of the coating. Early, rigorous internal testing has been encouraging 1-606-561-4697 says Ram. “Based on our tests, it dou- 711-C Colyer Road • Bronston, KY 42518 bles the life of the coating. We have an outdoor exposure facility in Daytona

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