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Mainzer Straße 99, 56322 Spay 12977 Maurer Industrial Drive

Rhein, Germany Sunset Hills, MO 63127

Tel: 49 2628 610 Tel: (314) 756-9300

Email: Email:

Website: Website:

CEO Schottel GmbH: Dr. Christian Strahberger CEO/President: Robert J. Rebori


The Schottel Group is one of the world’s leading Scienco/FAST is an original equipment manufacturer manufacturers of propulsion and steering systems for specializing in marine sewage devices, environmentally- ships and offshore applications. Founded in 1921, the friendly cleaners and other industrial water management company develops and manufactures azimuth propul- technologies. These MSDs treat sewage and ensure sion and maneuvering systems, complete propulsion compliance with ever-changing regulations. Scienco/ systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW and steer- FAST has several different models to offer, depending ing systems for vessels of all types. on physical footprint, weight of operating unit, access for retro? t installations, and price. Every system is func- tionally tested before shipping to ensure performance

T C :HE ASE and eliminate service issues.

Since the 1950’s, Schottel has propelled inland vessels with Z-drives and individually ? tted thruster concepts.

The ? rm’s expertise is well represented by strong push- T C :HE ASE boats in Brazil, river cruise vessels in Europe and at home Scienco/FAST’s commitment to environmental stew- on U.S. inland rivers. Schottel now offers even more ro- ardship is providing superior sewage and water man- bust Rudderpropellers thanks to optimized coating pro- agement systems that lessen the impacts of wastewater cesses. The result is maximum corrosion protection due in waterways. Since the ? rst installation in 1969 on to optimized resistance to abrasion and greater adhesive board the M/V Missouri Tugboat, MarineFAST Sew- force in combination with thicker coats of paint. The en- age Treatment Systems have been installed on myriad vironment bene? ts because paints contain lower quanti- workboats and offshore facilities to provide total sewage ties of volatile organic compounds and are harmless to treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water re- aquatic organisms. The smooth surface inhibits adhesion use opportunities. Scienco/FAST takes pride in the fact of marine organisms, thereby contributing to improved that these certi? ed, Type II Marine Sanitation Devices durability and ef? ciency. If requested, a self-polishing, (MSD) and Systems are installed on some of the ‘green- antifouling ? nal coat can be applied. est’ ships in the world.

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