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Salvage & Spill Response

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mandate to develop those if we allow development in our bolically hanging a “Closed for Business” sign on the door. own section of the Arctic. Conversely including the Arctic in the ? nal plan will

A ? rst step towards that goal may have come with the help to safeguard the region’s future, facilitating invest-

Administration’s recent announcement of region speci? c ment by multiple Government departments and providing

Arctic offshore drilling regulations. While some of these a justi? cation for the private sector to continue to build regulations will likely need to be adjusted as new technolo- out the State’s infrastructure all the way through until the gies come on line, they hopefully mark a start in the pro- ? rst proposed leasing round in 2020. Doing so will bring cess of ? nding the delicate but essential balance between a swathe of bene? ts not just for local people, but for busi- resource development and conservation. As numerous Na- nesses and communities across the entire country. The In- tive groups have argued, the two are not mutually exclu- terior Department must embrace this golden opportunity.

sive; if anything they are the twin pillars which will be vital

Brigham A. McCown has more than 25 years of executive to support local Alaskan communities in the future.

management, legal, and operational experience at the local,

The critical point is that the Administration should be national, and international levels of government. He previously looking for ways to stimulate, not impede, industry from served as the ? rst acting administrator and interim CEO of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration making investments in the Arctic. Given the very long lead (PHMSA). While in this position, McCown was in charge of in times needed to develop offshore resources – at least a de- the federal government’s oversight of more than one million cade according to most industry experts – cutting the leases daily shipments of hazardous materials by all modes of will have precisely the opposite impact. Not only will it effec- transportation, including pipeline. Mr. McCown graduated from Miami University in 1988 with a degree in diplomacy tively ban any offshore activity in the region for the next 20 and foreign affairs and later went on to receive his law degree years, it will start a domino effect across a host of maritime from Northern Kentucky University in 1997.

and support services, derailing Alaska’s economy and sym- MN 19

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