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Salvage & Spill Response

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The ICEHORSE surfaced among the oil and ice to recover the oil

McKinney. “Next steps will be to review test results with an eye towards future development of this concept.”

BSEE Invests so that Industry can Succeed

For 35 years, Ohmsett has moved the ball forward in all aspects of spill response testing and research

With the new advances in technology for responding in ice conditions, BSEE has invested in the facility with newly developed equipment to measure oil slick thickness and ice coverage during testing. An acoustic tool adapted to operate from a ROV, detects oil in and under ice, tracks location, and measures thickness. The sensors provide real- time measurements of the slick thickness and include cam- eras for real-time viewing and recording.

To accurately and rapidly assess cold water and ice test- ing parameters such as total surface oil versus ice area cov- erage and oil layer thickness, a thermal imaging camera with processing software was developed speci? cally for use at Ohmsett. The Tactical Rapid Airborne Classi? cation

System (TRACS) creates images that separate ice, water and oil of several thicknesses based on differences in the thermal emittance.

Jane-Ellen Delgado is the Senior Marketing Commu- nications Specialist of the Ohmsett Facility. She has been with Ohmsett since 2004 managing the branding of the facility. Ms. Delgado holds an MBA in Marketing from the City University of Seattle, WA and a B.S. in Journal- ism from the State University of New York at Brockport.

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